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Steady Capture

SteadyCapture uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis across all the major currency pairs as well as Gold and Silver.

SteadyCapture is controlled by a manual trader from Canada with over 10 years experience generating returns from the markets. He uses multiple time frames to identify high probability opportunities across all the major currency pairs as well as Gold and Silver. A variety of strategies are used to capitalise on opportunities from scalping trades that last a few seconds to swing trades targeting hundreds of pips that could last as long as a week.

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April 2015

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Actual client comment on our forum:

"Steady Capture, It's great to be your follower. You delivered great results this quarter. Well managed & well done! We can learn a lot from you and your trading."

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How do I follow Steady Capture?

We offer you the opportunity to follow Steady Capture through the use of a managed account (MAM). Our software links your trading account (held in your name) to Steady Capture. Once connected you’ll start receiving trades on your account where you can actually watch your account execute orders in front of your eyes through the smartphone app as well as receiving a daily statement detailing the trading activity on your account. Whether you’ve won or lost money, you’ll know about it in a completely open and transparent fashion.