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TaraFX 279 days ago

**Pending entry** based on RETEST and Rejection of 60M 200/50 EMA and 4H 50 Shorts back down to Daily Demand Zone 1.80 Warning: to see a 1:1 Risk Reward Stop is inside last daily spike but above 4H 200

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nmkvijay 405 days ago

THIS IS A LIMIT BUY BELOW THE PREVIOUS LOW 2.178 WITH STRICT STOP and price has to come to trigger this level. READ THE MARKET COMMENTARY IN THE CHART CAREFULLY...AND TRY TO LEARN THE ELLIOT WAVES...OTHERWISE ITS TOUGH TO UNDERSTAND MY ANALYSIS YOU CAN COMMENT ONLY FOR DOUBTS IN LEARNING EW AND NOT FOR ENTER OR EXIT IN THE TRADE OR ASKING ME OR SUGGESTING ON WHAT U TAKEN, ACCORDING TO YOUR ANALYSIS. All information given inside the chart and i shared this for educational purpose only. Maximum i wont give the followup or update in the old chart posted as educational trade idea, sometimes i will...so please make sure if i posted the new chart for the same pair, it could be a possible wave count changed or updated. Make sure that old one was invalid or possible or alternate wave and the new one is valid. Good luck and cheers. This is a educational post only...my ambition is to create a awareness to the traders who lose the money and treating like a gambling...this is a pure business and not only buy and sell apart from that we have to fine tune ourselves in various part of trading...cheers once again.

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Trendline Trader 1564 days ago

Oil looks like it has bottomed and I think natural gas will follow, it is also holding support at its 8h 200ma.

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