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How you can become a profitable forex trader

Trading Room
Live Forex Trading Room

Making logical decisions and sticking to your trading plan is difficult, this is where being part of a community makes a big difference. Inside the room we encourage debate and discussion about any pair that’s on your radar. Become the part of our great community!

Trusted Brokers
Trusted Brokers

Only trade with brokers you can trust. We’ve all heard stories of unscrupulous brokers running away with client money Here at we have over $500,000 of our own money invested in trading accounts, we’ve done the due diligence, so you don’t have to.

Managed Accounts
Managed Accounts

Follow professional traders by allocating money to a managed account. Our trading team have have delivered consistent returns for our clients for over 3 years, so if you’d like the hard work done for you by having a professional trade your account, this is the solution.

Live Trading Environment

Our team of analysts will help you find the best trading opportunities in the market, in real time 24hrs per day. They’ll help you turn your losing trades into winners. There’s no place on earth like our trading room and we’re proud to say that thousands of traders, just like you, have taken advantage of it since we launched in 2012.

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Trading Room

Trusted Brokers

Be careful who you trust your money with. Finding the right broker is absolutely critical to your success as a trader. There are countless stories across the internet of clients losing their deposits as the result of a broker defaulting, or even running off with client funds. Don’t take the risk, only trade with a well vetted broker from our list of recommended partners.

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Trusted Brokers

Managed Accounts

We invest client funds with an elite team of experienced managers, all of whom have undergone our comprehensive and exhaustive six-phase due diligence process. We're so confident in our ability to deliver consistent and above market returns that we only charge a 30% performance fee on profits generated (this is known as a "high watermark fee").

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We have even featured one of our traders on a top ranking documentary. Watch him making money for our clients live!

We love transparency, so we thought what better way to deliver that than to produce a "Day in the life of professional forex trader” documentary of one of our most popular traders. FX Viper is a professional full time currency trader who has been trading for over 30 years across currencies, stocks and options. He currently trades over $12mil of assets. The goal is slow consistent gains through managing risk.

As part of our mission to deliver industry-beating returns and aligning our interests with those of our clients, we charge no set-up fees, no ongoing management fees and no exit fees.

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