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How we started

My name is Nick McDonald and I founded this site back on the 1st of May 2012. Before I detail the growth of I'd like to take you back a step to my beginnings. I was attracted to forex many years ago as I heard anecdotal stories about average people generating life changing financial returns in a short space of time. I put my real estate endeavours on hold and decided to commit all my spare time to learning the craft of trading. I read books, went to seminars, hired a mentor and dedicated all my brain power to becoming a successful trader. As I learned to trade I doubled a few accounts (followed by blowing them up!).

Inside my office

While I was on this journey I searched for a trading room where I could interact with other traders and discuss the market while also learning from the success of others. I was surprised to learn that this resource didn't exist. So I decided to build it myself! From here I hired several contractors from around world (gotta love Skype) and got to work building my vision. I was determined to build a completely transparent and inclusive site that anyone could join.

After 3 months of development we launched and within a week we had our 100th registered members.

The idea was to attract people to the free trading room and earn revenue to support the site by offering an optional subscription to a trade copier that I purchased for about $600 from a guy in Russia (that seemed trustworthy).

Important partnership

I should mention that I have the IT development skills of a Vietnamese rice farmer. So I relied on my team of Indian designers and developers to come up with a sexy layout and functioning platform. After working through 10 different contractors that all promised they could do the job, but were actually just really good at convincing me they could do the job. I was lucky enough to meet my now business partner Will Thomas. He registered for the trading room one sunny afternoon (he's from the UK, so it probably wasn't sunny where he's living...) and we hit it off immediately.

Will is an incredibly talented developer, so we agreed to create a partnership and create the worlds best forex website. He would build everything which left me to continue trading and promoting the site. It was also nice to be able to stop screaming at my computer screen in slow enunciated words (I found this was the best way to communicate with my former developers).

In October 2012 we formed a partnership with a common goal - To help clients make money by offering the profitable forex signal site and online trading room in the world.

Present time

In the years since I started this site we’ve enjoyed one hell of a journey, over 40,000 members have registered, we now employ 11 full time staff in addition to our trading team of 9 professionals contributing inside the trading room and running our managed accounts.

I think the reason for our success is the transparent way in which we do things. I’m not just a guy that runs the site, I’m an investor in all of our strategies and month I do a video blog on the performance of my accounts to give you a real life look at what is like to live and breath the forex market like I do.

That's me on stage at China Forex Conference 2015

My goal is to create a $1,000,000 trading portfolio. If you’d like to follow my progress please check out my YouTube Channel.

I’m also proud to say that many of our members have achieved financial independence from the forex market as a result of our efforts.

I honestly believe we give our members the best possible chance of achieving success and building their wealth through the forex market. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you in the Trading Room shortly!

Nick McDonald


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