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Making logical decisions and sticking to your trading plan is difficult, this is where being part of a community makes a big difference. Inside the room we encourage debate and discussion about any pair that’s on your radar.

I'm thinking of buying EUR/USD, what do you guys think?

We’ll tell you if buying is the right decision and where you should be placing your stop loss and take profit levels. It’s like having a trading coach helping you every step of the way, and completely free of charge!


Monthly FX Competitions

Every member of our community has a chance to win:

Awesome Forex T-Shirt

Every active member inside our trading room get one of our great Forex T-Shirt. Earn 100 active points and we will send one of our T-Shirts straight away!

Live 3x $500 accounts

Top 3 members who offer the best trade ideas within the room over the course of the month will win $500. You can withdraw your money straight away and buy yourself a $500 bottle of Dom Perignon! (if that’s what you’re into).


Meet our Traders on Live Forex Stream

Tony Darvall Forex Trading Room

Tony Darvall

Tony is Chief Market Strategist at online Broker EasyMarkets. FX Dealer for 8 years in Sydney Australia. Tony is doing Inter-market Analysis with a Fundamental/Sentiment approach to markets. Trading for the past 12 years focusing mainly on Forex and Indices.

Jayganesh Mudaliyar Forex Trading Room

Jayganesh Mudaliyar

Jay graduated in MBA (Finance). Known as FxSaint in social trading forums. He is a technical trader who uses Trend lines, Support & Resistance, Supply & Demand, All types of Chart Patterns. What makes his analysis perfect is knowing when to apply which method.

Andrew Lockwood Forex Trading Room

Andrew Lockwood Forex Mentor

Andrew started his trading career in his early twenties back in the Pits on the London Futures and Options exchanges. Since then, he has successfully transitioned into trading from behind the screens and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Jason Gospodarek Forex Trading Room

Jason Gospodarek Forex Mentor

Jason started his trading career over a decade ago where, like many retail traders, he found himself making all the typical mistakes and pitfalls. Today Jason trades professionally full-time and has a huge amount of knowledge and experiences to share.

Josh Winter Forex Trading Room

Josh Winter

Josh is trading since 2009. He likes to diversify trades across many asset classes. Besides trading spot Forex, he also trade Futures, ETF's, and Options. Josh focus on a global macro approach trading many indexes, currencies, commodities, fixed income, and volatility.

How can you benefit and improve your trading results

Live Video Streams

Our live traders take positions in real time so you can copy and learndirectly from the professionals during any of our 4 daily sessions.

Live Chat & Trade Ideas

Discuss and follow the trade ideas of other members 24hrs per day.Cash prizes for the best contributors each month.

Traders like you Trading Room

"I have been profitable"

I have been profitable ever since I found you guys, thank you!

CatMat - Member since April 2016

"I love the transparency"

I love the transparency, there’s nothing else like this on the Internet.

Drcdp - Member since November 2015

"You guys do a great job"

You guys do a great job, I love the banter in the room. Makes my trading day much more enjoyable!

Potter - Member since August 2013