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October Profit Report

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  • October Profit Report

    October Profit Report

    TradeAlerter and FX Viper remain unbeaten - No Losing Months!
    October was a month full of drama. We introduced Silent Specialist to the site who had many of us dreaming that we may have finally found the holy grail. Then on the flip side we had the signal provider account of 2 Million Dollar Master hacked and millions of dollars lost for the fund running the signal(followers were not devastated due to some safeguards on our system).

    It's also refreshing to see market volatility returning with daily ranges increasing on most pairs along with profitably trading opportunities.

    November should offer an excellent chance for our traders to finish the year strong. Conditions are ripe for some big gains over the next 4 weeks. I personally can't wait to see the pips flooding in!

    TradeAlerter +7.29%
    $1191 (my account is set to 2x risk)
    October was TradeAlerter's 7th consecutive profitable month. This guy is on fire and appears to be more in tune with the market every month.

    Recently he has adjusted his strategy to trade smaller lot sizes allowing him to give his positions more space to run. This master stroke has been excellent to watch and is having a very profitable effect for everyone following his trading.
    FX Pendulum +5.01%(16% floating drawdown)
    +$1152 (trading 2x risk)
    October was a strange one for FX Pendulum. He wasn't actively trading due to personal commitments so his basket on GPBUSD was left to play out to the mercy of the market.

    After some fairly heavy drawdown it appears to have worked as he hoped with the majority of the drawdown recovered. He is back to active trading again on the 8th November, I personally can't wait for him to return and get back to work.
    FX Viper +0.88%
    +$852 (trading 2x risk)
    Mr Reliable continued to do his thing during October. He suffered his first noteworthy loss around the middle of the month, however he recovered well and keeps his consecutive streak of profitable months intact.

    He's told me that he's going to be trading more actively during November. So look out for some nice returns in the coming weeks.
    Smart Trader -0.71%
    October was Smart Trader's first as part of the LiveForexTrading team. It's just our luck that the signal entered a drawdown as soon as we all started following on our accounts. I'm assured this is all part of the cyclical nature of the swing trading strategy and absolutely no cause for concern.

    FX Amplified -4.44%
    $1,176 (my account is set to 4x risk)
    The pain continues for the FX Amplified faithful. Our numbers are dwindling, however my confidence remains that he will make a full recovery. It's just a question of how long it will take.
    Pipsopolis -1.84%
    Last month I said "It's 2 steps forward and 2 steps back for Pipsopolis" and the same applies this month... Come on Pipso - I know you can do it!
    Ping's EA -16.5%
    Ping's EA has been badly burned by the AUDUSD twice this year. Earlier this week he finally closed a basket of trades that had been weighing him down for almost 2 months!

    He has removed AUDUSD from the strategy as well as made some minor adjustments to improve it's performance in line with the changing market. Look for Ping's EA to make a nice recovery in the coming months.

    Silent Specialist -88%
    -888 (trading 2x risk)
    The month of October introduced us to an amazing trader known as Silent Specialist. He brought with him dreams of riches verified through an account showing him turning $168 to $11,000 over the space of 3 months. Followers jumped on board from all walks of life keen to ride his coat tails.

    Unfortunately the pressure became to much for him to handle and resulted in him margin calling his account.

    He resumes trading next week and has implemented a trade management EA to help him cap his losses and move stop levels when in profit. This should provide a smoother ride than last time (but still very wild!).

    I've reloaded my account and am looking forward to seeing him get back into it.
    2 Million Dollar Master N/A
    Account still being set up
    The fund that runs this signal had a catastrophic event take place that wiped out the entire $2.8million dollar account in the space of 15 mins. Their account was hacked and their deposits destroyed.

    For the full story please read our forum thread - click here.

    This account is expected to start again in the coming week now that their funds have been replenished.
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    Yeah TradeAlerter and FX Viper are like the robots... superb trading so far.

    We are really lucky to have such experienced traders

    I am looking forward for Silent Specialist "comeback" and for new 2 Million Dollar Master's account as their system was very solid in my opinion.

    btw. also make sure to check Joe's signal - Turtle Forex. I am his personal fan from the beginning !