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Performance Report For May 2013 - Not a great month....

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  • Performance Report For May 2013 - Not a great month....

    May Performance Report

    FX Amplified +7.13%
    $5,726 (my account is set to 3x risk)
    Thank goodness for FX Amplified! My portfolio would be suffering if it hadn't been for him. I've made $2,000 alone off him this month.

    Please also note that we are restricting licences to 500 people. Thereafter it will be closed for subscription and we will only be accepting clients onto our managed account (to be announced soon). If you want to lock in your FX Amplified license we recommend you act soon.
    TradeAlerter +1.77%
    Not exactly a firecracker first month. He was a little disappointed not to make a larger return considering we have just launched his signal. However moving forward he's expecting to deliver a 10-15% return. I have just set up a $2,000 account to follow him.
    Pipsopolis -10.46%
    It's been a few months since he was firing. I've spoken to him about it and and he has no doubt he'll get back to form of earlier in the year. Stay tuned!
    Pings EA -27.86%
    Last month I said "I love this guy"... I wish I hadn't said that! I invested another $2k into the account and within 2 days a basket of AUDUSD trades fell into a 35% drawdown.

    He is in the process of making back the loss having closed the month with an 11% gain over the last week. I still like the system and expect a full recovery over the next 2-3 months. But that kind of loss always stings a little.
    Mr Rigasoy -34.89%
    I only have one word.... arg!!! (if it's not a word it should be)

    We changed the master account to one of his investor's accounts that had a $220k balance. He's now down about $70k on that account... Let's see what happens in June.
    We have some exciting new traders joining the team over the coming month, so keep an eye out in the trading room for some new additions in the trading room soon!

    I can't wait to see where we are on our 2nd Birthday!

    See you in the trading room.


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    Feel free to add any questions or comments guys.
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    • #3 Monthly Update

      A mixed month of winners and losers.

      Last month was frantic as we closed off trade copier subscriptions for FX Amplified and launched our first managed account.

      While FX Amplified was been a shining light of consistency and TradeAlerter had a stellar first month some of other traders struggled through June.
      June Performance Report

      TradeAlerter +15.21%
      $565 (my account is set to 2x risk)
      A nice first month for people following TradeAlerter as he topped the leader board.

      This guy is very active in the trading room and great at communicating with members. He always keeps an eye on market fundamentals when searching for opportunities and I really like how good he is at catching moves in the market.
      FX Amplified +10.96%
      $8,000 (my account is set to 3x risk)
      My account has now returned 100% return inside 6 months!

      I need to put a disclaimer on the 10.96% return by saying that master is being traded on a demo account with near zero spread. Real money performance on default was between 5% and 8%.

      Find out more about the FX Amplified Managed Account by clicking here.
      Pipsopolis -6.46%
      It's been a while since Pipsopolis has been on the winners podium. I'm hopeful that he'll recover soon.
      Pings EA -18.87%
      Things are not looking good for Ping's EA. He swapped master accounts recently to increase the balance and encourage more activity.

      Then next few weeks will be telling, if we experience another losing month like the last 2 I will have to cut my losses.
      Mr Rigasoy -23.59%
      Things have gone from bad to worse for Mr Rigasoy. He confided that this is the worst period of his trading career. A turn around is long overdue...
      Look out for new traders joining shortly.

      Over the next month we have at least 2 (maybe 3) new traders joining the site to offer their signals and expertise. These traders have institutional experience and one of them trades apersonal fortune of more than $12mil!

      See you in the trading room!

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        If you could start a business at once without risks and mistakes, it would be great, of course. But since there are always certain difficulties, there is nothing wrong with the fact that sometimes unprofitable days happen. It's unpleasant, but it's also about money. But show me a businessman or an investor who has never lost his money. The main thing in this case is to show perseverance and try to reduce the risks, then there will certainly be a result. Wish you good luck and many profitable days!