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Consistent profit signal | 3300% gain within 5 month | 100% monthly average

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  • never mind. found it!


    • Hey nemo100, it was on the simple trader "Dashboard" section but once other signals start to post on the dashboard it moves down on the page and then eventually the post is moved off the page and I don't think it can be found anywhere. It was saved on my "dashboard notification" tab because I commented on one of the posts when it was originally on the dashboard.


      • I'm looking at this basket and scratching my bold head. I see trader is trying to keep DD manageable and find the right direction . market is against him this week and playing tricks . Maybe these pairs shouldn't be traded in these market condition before big news, maybe . But everybody here signed up to make 100% in a month so very high risk should be expected . Really I don't understand how people say his history is fake or not his . isnt that being checked by simpletrader before they put the signal on the market and anyhow how does 20%dd come as a surprise to us? I see that the plan is to go into the news with this basket and that worries me to so decisions have to be made ... But saying the trader is fake or something seems to me going overboard .I guess we will see soon I have a feeling that Rsh may exit with profit I don't know if we can handle the risks associated with this profit ) . Good luck to all.


        • I reduced my risk from .5 to .25. Dd is normal anyhow. He is fast so I am not worried much reduced risk helps. If that is the style but he reaches his goal at the end of month be it. Let see.... tick tock $$$$$. nc!


          • He does state profit is not guaranteed. He also states a 50% drawdown. Of course he is high risk. We can only see a few months history and I think most on here have been here long enough to know that one needs over a year of history to really evaluate a person's ability to trade. Having said that, we who bought this signal are looking for extremely high reward which carries extremely high risk. I am still willing to ride this out. Will see where it goes. Time will tell. One should only use money they are willing to lose.


            • Anyone who subscribed and didn't expect this level of draw down hasn't done the due diligence that they should have.

              I've just closed all open trades to limit my exposure, but I'm going to continue copying at. 75 risk (no change) as I believe this signal has great potential.


              • I am not talking about dd, i am talking about trading style, as simple as that
                Accepting the dd warning is for sure a must to subscribe to the signal or Amy other signal, and don't forget that 99 percent of traders break their dd rule, but this is not the case here
                I am again talking about the style of trading and how dd is managed, not the dd amount

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                • Guys ... r u kidding
                  This is not the screaming time yet ..
                  The guy lost 14% this mobth and is a 8 % dd ..
                  According to his monthly profits .. and dd levels.. he is still ok

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                  • Originally posted by nemo100 View Post
                    never mind. found it!
                    can you please post the link to it ? i can't find it at all

                    EDIT: can't describe my happiness watching the charts now , hopefully the loses will be covered before tomorrow
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                    • I actually cant find a link. But if you ever made a comment on simpletrader, click on notifications in your control panel and you should see it there.


                      • FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds.


                        • Not sure if that helps


                          • Well i got scrambled onto a plane last minute to Mauritania.. (got to love being woken up in bed and told can you goto heathrow now...)

                            as a result ive been out of comm's all day, i didnt close out, just managed to get online five minutes ago, no sky has fallen??


                            cool business as normal, standing aside, waiting for your next move fxsuccess

                            i really hope the signal provider can continue even if he is barraged with negative's, part of being a signal provider no??

                            my luck be with us!


                            • me also didn't and won't touch the trades as far as the 50% dd is not yet reached ( including % of actual loses)

                              just would like some activity from his side to enlighten us about his trading strategy specially for the EurCad / EurGbp / EurUsd trades


                              • This is my biggest mistake,,, that I added signal here. Seems I killed people,, by making some loss. Seems I have to stop trading and participate here and there to get recognition that I am good trader and I will not face margin call.

                                Did you saw my first post where I mention my trading details, style, draw down, risk warning and other staff. They why you guys disturb me again and again. AM I GOD? You didn't face loss before?
                                I 100% believe here maximum people big loser. If not then there should have minimum common sense that a trader sometime may face loss its a trading,, not like kissing GF.

                                I just shocked here to see the conversation in simple trader wall. I thought this community is full of mature people who understand risk also reward but I am fully wrong. One people "Nicholas" mention that I am scammer and owner of several HYIP site. Just shame on you stupid. Its 100% FAKE ID... I am showing you how some people just trying to spoil my trading psychology. Here I am mentioning some common complain:

                                1. Why I am not opening trade everyday?
                                Check screenshot:

                                2. I am very greedy so that I don't trade and stop trading just for getting subscription fees?
                                Check Screenshot:
                                3. I am added FAKE account in myfxbook, my all trading account fake, statistics fake, and so many?
                                4. I am big scammer, owner of HYIP site?
                                Check Screenshot:
                                5. Why I invest new fund (400 USD),, its actually rebates not invest. My actual investment was 1000 USD.

                                I am really sorry but this kind of place not for me. But I also don't want to leave here just like coward. I will be here...

                                # Some people already cancel signal subscription and I really happy that don't want them back. I increase my signal price and it will increase more. I no need subscriber,, as 1 or 2 is much more better than dozens of nonsense Forex FOOL.
                                # I don't have assistant so its not possible to solve all your inquiry and question. I mentioned all details in first post so check all issues with your own responsibility.
                                # If you guys get mad just after getting 13% loss then please stop subscription. I don't need such kind of subscriber.
                                # My all trade was perfect I just lost my trading psychology.
                                # Now I don't have any intention for subscriber,,,if I loss then you have to loss. If you only want to gain then please leave this.

                                If my any word heart you,, then I am sorry. My trading is important for me I don't want to loss my hard earn trading strategy, psychology and confidence. If I get any more issue here,, I just leave this place.

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