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    I am looking for more brokers with low spreads on GER30 - DAX - FDAX (eurex futures). Do you know of any? Currently, I have only found Roboforex offering the Eurex Futures data feed with 0.50 usd on the spread. Are there any other brokers that are even comparable? ICMarkets for example is charging 24 USD on the CFD contract.

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    Maybe I missed something, but as far as I know almost all brokerage companies now offer quite profitable spreads, and actually a lot depends on how much you use. Because even $24 from a large order isn't that much. In fact, if you are afraid of some large expenses, you should pay attention to companies with fixed spreads, because you will not worry about the fact that there will be a large jump in the market and you will have to give more. Again, a lot depends on your strategy and trading dynamics. With a large trading turnover, the spread is not very visible. But if your statistics is far from ideal, you will feel tension at any additional costs. But you need to be ready for it.


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      spreads and commission cut your edge away. That's one main reason why I trade at crypto derivative platforms where spread and commission can be zero. Enter with limit orders and get paid to trade. No spread to cross over too with limit orders. These conditions don't exist in brokerages.... And why I built this MT5 Bridge to crypto exchanges

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