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Using Artificial Intelligence To Trade Forex

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  • Using Artificial Intelligence To Trade Forex

    Hey guys,

    I'm interested to know what you think the impact of improving artificial intelligence (AI) will be on the forex market.

    Check out this article on Wired: http://www.wired.com/2016/01/the-ris...nt-hedge-fund/

    Interestingly Will and Dom have been working on their own AI algorithm. One that uses machine learning like the stuff referenced on the link, it's constantly absorbing tick data and adjusting trade decisions based on this information. The idea is that it'll continue to maintain an edge, even when the market changes.

    Manually monitored EA's and Algo's have been around for years, but this new breed of system might change the game.... what do you think?
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    Instead of traders against traders (the way it used to be), or machines against traders (the way it is coming to be), we could end up with machines against machines. But if those machines are treating the other participants like humans (and they're not) then the results could be unexpected.

    How would that look? Probably like nothing we've ever seen before. Personally I don't think the market would tolerate that for long, and there would be some intervention to make the markets more tradeable.


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      Originally posted by idempotent View Post
      Personally I don't think the market would tolerate that for long, and there would be some intervention to make the markets more tradeable.

      I think that's the interesting part. Because it's not like there is a central body that can police the activity of FX traders, so I don't personally see intervention taking place.

      I suspect that we'll see technical price action grow but with a range of random erratic price movements.
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        Long term unattended ea with good R:R out of the box with out resetting, updates, looking over it, does not exist.. yet if you know better speak.

        Smart tools, could be anything with a good trader to assist him in the decisions for a trade or basket or strategy is the best. All manual traders use some tool. So AI and/or quantum computing even better could be tools for traders. Quantum tunneling could be a the method for future forecasting price...


        Tools get better, imagine what the big boys have for millions of dollars budget. Cheers nc!


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          Implementing the full power of a Forex artificial intelligence system that is highly reliable and yields some great gains is a choice that can benefit you in both the short and long term.

          Another main reason why I prefer Forex artificial intelligence programs is that they deliver fast and eliminate use of slow manual systems. It is even possible to make dramatic gains in your very first day and that is with no prior experience necessary!

          You can trade from any part of the world; remote spots are also on the list. Again, I emphasize, you can make this happen without great knowledge and no prior experience in this field of finance. Furthermore, you don't need any special training! How cool is that?

          I am happy for myself and for those I have assisted in uncovering the huge potential of this multi- Trillion industry. I always make myself available to provide any assistance to anyone, from any where as long as they are willing to learn.

          If you want more details on the insights of Forex trade, I can assist you based on my personal knowledge and trials. You cam email or call me for such support. I am making myself open because I know there are lots of folks who long to trade Forex, yet are uncertain of what this business is truly all about.

          Get to know what Forex artificial intelligence can do for you, make an immediate action and start learning more about it today. It truly has the potential to revolutionize your financial future.


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            Well, I use my technical and fundamental knowledge for analyzing Forex market! Itís true, now I can understand market context so quickly rather than last year! But, I am not claiming that, now I am making 100% profit in my trading, 100% doesnít exist in Forex! But end of the month, I get enough money since I use 1:3, 1:4 profit ratio in my trading!


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              AI is a prediction model that doesn't necessarily produce a static backtesting model so when the system is doing well or poorly the outcome is truly unknown. With AI, you have no idea what the decision will be and at times it will trade at random from a humans perspective.

              My brother currently works for an AI company in Silicon Valley where their AI project can scan an image of any sort and tell you what it is and find other matches based on your image. He was telling me the same concept can be applied to the markets where we can insert images of market patterns and the AI will determine the pattern, scan the markets for these patterns and make decisions based on our criteria. Basically the AI bot would continue to grow smarter based on the data collection(images) and slowly adapt to the markets.

              The article that Nick linked to actually has the same example of what my brother was telling me " pinpoint particular features that show up in a photo of a cat".

              Maybe Dom and Will T can add some insight about their current project and let us know if it is working for them.

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                AI is a great solution to trading,however really worrying regarding our future as a race :O


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                  I don't like it. I rather be 100% in control and lose by my own fault than to have my money in the hands of a machine without any control of it.


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                    Artificial intelligence - this is certainly cool, but I believe that this technology is not yet developed enough for the Forex market


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                      I think AI can become in the near future the basic of all worthy trading strategies on the Forex