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  • My strategies and the future

    Hi All,

    I keep getting private messages in the trading room which I love as I love talking trading! But I thought maybe it is best to start a thread in the forum so we can discuss trading ideas and strategies.

    I've been asked numerous times what I'm going to do with my strategies and I'm actually not sure! I'd like to hear what others would like.... Is there an appetite for my sort of strategies?

    From watching retail trading for many years - the key attributes that traders seem to look for is huge gains, no drawdown, then the inevitable and eventual massive drawdown that blows huge portions of the account.... To me, this isn't trading, this is gambling. If we talk about the strategy that is in the trading room at the minute called "Pistol Pete" then this trades approx 12 pairs, and trades 1 trade per pair at any one time. No hedging, no grid, just simple trades with stop losses on 100% of trades. This could mean we enter "drawdown". Which is to say we could have a string of loosing trades over a period of time. We would never hold lots of trades open in drawdown... Trades get closed out if they aren't looking like they'll win.

    I think retail traders think of drawdown as long periods of time where trades remain open, floating, waiting for the market to move in their favour.... This is drawdown sure.. but it isn't favourable nor nice to watch. Drawdown to me (and many) is periods in time where the strategy is unable to make gains in the market, so a string of loosing trades create a drop in gain. We can't always make money in the market... anyone who says they can, will more than likely end up loosing large chunks!

    I guess I'm rambling a little! So sorry about that.

    Is anyone interested in my strategies and what would be the best scenario to you as a person to run it.

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    Hi PistolPete, thanks for coming here and sharing your story. I am sure there is an interest in your strategy... as you wrote yourself, you are getting private messages. So you are thinking about doing some sort of signal services (SimpleTrader) or maybe a MAM? btw. do you have myfxbook link that you could share?


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      Hello PP,

      I would only be interested in your strategies if offered via a managed account. I don't think they would work well with a trade copier because the trades are frequent and the mechanics of a trade copier and VPS may cause reliability problems, and of course needs to be monitored to ensure it is operating correctly. I have personal experience of following signals via the trade copier, and also MAM investment via this site and I much prefer the MAM, or any other managed account option. I have been around this business long enough not to expect short term spectacular gains, as in the long run that is highly likely to lead to long term spectacular losses. Reasonable gains over a long period of time is my preferred option. If you can offer that, I'm very interested.