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    My name is Kiran
    I am officially representative of Bullseye Markets
    Bullseye Markets is a forex broker, BullsEye Markets LTD is registered as a Financial Investment Firm by the Marshal Island.
    Registration Number 96658.
    If you have any question regarding this broker about the services and promotion feel free to ask me here. i will be happy to assist you.


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    Trade Demo Earn Real – Bullseye Markets Demo Contest 2019

    BullsEye Markets the Best Forex Broker in the Forex Market. Bullseye Markets launched new Demo Contest of 2019. It is an incredible opportunity for new traders to prove their trading skills and a chance to win exciting money prizes. Open your Demo Account with Bullseye Markets and show your trading perfection.

    The BullsEye Markets ‘Demo Contest 2019’ is a contest only held on for demo accounts. Here at BullsEye Markets we always care about our new ,existing and hardworking forex traders.

    Although the risk factor involved in forex always but we have always encouraged our traders to start their trading with a demo account and after getting the whole knowledge about market, economic movements and new trading techniques when you feel that you know everything about forex then move on to live trading.

    Bullseye Markets’s Demo Contest 2019 there is no risk of losing money but the winning amount for first three winners is real. The pool prize for the demo contest is $7,500
    1. The First Prize is of $3,500
    2. The Second Prize is of $2,500
    3. The Third Prize is of $1,500
    So hurry up! Open your Demo account with us and start your bright and broad trading future with Bullseye Markets.



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      With the 100% Credit Bonus you enjoy the advantage of increased leverage when trading!

      The 100% Credit Bonus is intended to increase the trading volume of a client's accounts. If all requirements of this Trading Bonus program are met, the bonus sum placed in your account can be withdrawn without any limitations or restrictions.

      - Increases account leverage.

      - Can be withdrawn if volume requirements are met.

      - Effectively brings the stop out level on cash balance to zero.

      - Relaxed time limit for completing volume requirements so that prudent trading is encouraged.

      Terms & Conditions Apply



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        BullsEye Markets 15% Rescue Bonus

        We at BullsEye Markets understand the importance of recognizing our customers and their business and reward them for choosing us.
        For unlimited period of time BullsEye Markets’ new members will get a 15% Rescue bonus on initial deposit.
        This 15% Rescue bonus on deposit program is intended to protect accounts from drawdown periods. The bonus can be lost with no limitations and also be used as margin. The 15% Rescue bonus is aimed at increasing the trading volume of customers’ accounts and thus helps traders realize better trading profit.

        How Does It Work?
        Make a deposit to your trading account and you will receive a a 15% Rescue bonus regardless of the amount you will deposit. To obtain the a 15% Rescue bonus customers need to register a live trading account with us and submit the necessary documents to verify the trading account.

        To benefit from the offer, follow the steps below:

        Step 1. Register a Real Forex Trading Account
        You can register a real trading account by clicking the "Open Live Account" button on the main

        Step 2. Apply For The a 15% Rescue bonus
        After registering a real trading account and Please contact our support to get a 15% Rescue bonus.

        Step 3. Deposit & Withdrawal
        In order to get the bonus, you should activate your trading account by making a deposit into your trading account. You can deposit your trading account by using your convenient depositing method from member area. You can withdraw your profit amount after completing the required volume according to our Forex Bonus terms.


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          Introducing Broker Advantages of BullsEye Markets

          In Forex Market there are a lot of opportunities offered to traders so that they can take more advantage of Forex Market. Top Online Forex Broker Companies has created an enormous chance for aggressive individuals who want to offer their customers the ability to trade currencies online and/or diversify into efficiently managed accounts.
          BullsEye Markets partnership program offers clients an exclusive package of resources that habitat them with an important benefit on the Forex trading partnership. Divided into a innovative hybrid refer Program and the powerful Introducing Forex Trading Brokers Program, the system covers a collection of partner types including Introducing Broker, Affiliates, Regional Partner and White Label Partnership.

          Here we briefly describe role of Introducing Broker:-
          • An experienced introducing broker can suggest new traders on the technical or fundamental market analysis. Introducing Broker will increase the knowledge of the new trader making the learning process faster and simpler.
          • The introducing broker’s role is to make relationships with appealing contacts involved in Forex market.
          • Introducing Broker can avoid mistakes and as an alternative of losing money the new traders can make some profit.
          • Introducing Broker is the difference between losing money and making a profit.
          Advantages to Become an Introducing Broker:-
          • Introducing Broker can generate commission directly from their client’s trading.
          • Can give their customers access to leading MT4 online forex trading platform.
          • Can expand into the forex trading business which is developing at an exceptional speed and can earn potentially large cash flows while providing their clients with an excellent value-added service.
          • BullsEye Markets IB’s can earn up to $15/per lot.
          Become an Introducing Broker with BullsEye Market and enjoy many of these benefits today. The first step to become an Introducing Broker is to create a partner account with BullsEye Market.


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            20% Tradable Bonus – BullsEye Markets

            Boost Your Trading Potential with BullsEye Markets Tradable Bonus Offerings. Designed for New traders, the 20% tradable bonus program allows Trader to protect their accounts from unfavorable situations in the market and helping them in draw-downs. Take your first step into trading with our bonus to get ahead of everyone else. We are extending and improving our Deposit Bonus program for our valued clients.
            Joining Link:-

            Expiry Date: No Time Limit
            Offer is Applicable: The clients with Minimum Deposit $100 and above.

            How to Apply:

            • The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to get bonus.
            • Deposit Minimum $100 or more to get the bonus
            • Send an email to

            More Details – BullsEye Markets 20% Forex Tradable Bonus
            • Maximum Bonus for a single client is $600/Per Client.
            • This Bonus offer is not applicable for the traders who already engage with other active promotion.


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              BullsEye Markets Trading Accounts

              Bullseye Markets provide seven different kind of account types, all seven accounts are with highly competitive and distinct trading that fulfil the needs and expectations of all types of traders.

              Micro Account

              This forex trading accounts are designed for the new traders. They allow clients to trade with real money without exposing their self. They present opportunities for more experienced Forex traders to experiment. If an experienced trader doesn't have a demo account or he wants to use a new strategy without maximizing any risk, the Forex micro accounts are there for him. Client can switch to his regular account at any time.

              Classic Account

              This account is for those clients who want to trade with zero additional commission and only an all-inclusive spread starting from 1 pips. With a minimum initial deposit of 500$, the account is accessible for beginners that will trade with no restriction

              Classic pro Account

              This account is ideal for those clients who want to trade with zero additional commission . Spread is starting from 1 pips. With a minimum deposit of 500$, the classic account is accessible for beginners that will trade with no restriction. All EAs and trading strategies are welcomed since no limits are put on stop and limit orders, allowing you to set as close as the entry price as you want.

              ECN Account

              ECN, stands for Electronic Communication Network. It is the way of the future for the Foreign Exchange Markets. ECN can be described as a bridge linking smaller market participants with its liquidity providers .

              ECN Max

              Pro accounts are based on the ECN execution.
              This Account is the Ideal for trading professionals, institutional traders and hedge fund managers. The Bullseye Pro account is designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding trader. Get the most out of your strategy here with BullsEye Markets with the ultimate trading conditions. Spreads is starting from 0 pips. Clients can trade here with unconditionally.

              ECN Pro

              Pro accounts are based on the ECN execution.
              It is designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding trader. No commissions, no requotes and no compromises. Professional traders can take advantage of the deep liquidity here we offer directly from our tier-1 providers. Spreads starting from 0 pips. Clients can trade with freedom to use any and all trading strategies without limitations.

              Fixed Account

              Spread starting from 1 pips. With a minimum deposit of 500$, the classic account is accessible for beginners that they will trade with no restrictions. Absolutely all EAs and trading strategies are welcomed since no limits are put on stop and limit orders, allowing you to set as close as the entry price as you want.