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  • Pepperstone?

    Does anyone here have any experience with Pepperstone? Do they have large slippage or freeze during news?

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    Originally posted by ricoguy View Post
    Does anyone here have any experience with Pepperstone? Do they have large slippage or freeze during news?
    I am with Pepperstone for almost two years now. I have no issues with them. Slippage? Of course there is, negative and positive slippage. It is part of doing business. However, comparing Pepperstone to IC Markets and Global Prime regarding slippage, Pepperstone is way better during high impact news.

    Freeze during news time, once in a while, but IC is worse about freeze.

    If you find a broker without slippage, please let me know.



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      Are there any other Pepperstone clients that use cashbackforex?

      If so what do think of the recent e-mail regarding the change in the way rebates will be paid?


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        I guess if you are from Japan, Pepperstone is out. ASIC just slapped Pepperstone by shutting down their Japanese business.


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          To assist traders during this turbulent time Pepperstone is offering 30 Days of Commission Free Trading when you switch to Pepperstone from your existing broker by close of market 4th of March, 2015.


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            I've tried both Icmarkets and Pepperstone. So far i think Pepperstone is better in term of slippage especially during big news like fomc or nfp



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              I have a Pepperstone account for almost 3 years.

              The spread is either wider or the same as IC Markets the times I have compared, Outages (meaning:Unable to place or cancel any open Trades or Pending Orders) is the main issue with Pepperstone.

              On the 15th Jan we experienced a Outage for 3.5Hours and was unable to close or cancel any pending orders for any currency. Also via Pepperstone Live chat was unable to close any trades.
              We experienced Losses due to this outage and Pepperstone have refused to provide any adjustment/refund. 3.5hrs is the longest and is unbelievable to me , other Occasional outages could be for 2mins to 1hour.

              Have experienced occasional freezing during news, Slippage during NFP or FOMC likely.
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                Hello..Just wondering if anyone here is still using Pepperstone, and how they would rate them as a broker.