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  • Oanda

    I would like to hear your taughts about Oanda please. Thanks

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    Originally posted by vaporspitter View Post
    I would like to hear your taughts about Oanda please. Thanks
    I've only heard good things, but can't say I have any personal experience trading with them.
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      I really do not like them. Had a bad experience on my own. Also, their partners program does not bring you anything good. The only good thing about them is Oanda lab
      If you want my full opinion - read review of Oanda at my website: http://forexbonuslab.com/oanda-review/
      Also, I have review of its platform: http://forexbonuslab.com/oanda-fxtrade-review/
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        I think it is reliable broker oanda is one of the oldest brokers in online trading founded in 1995 and is NFA, FCA, ASIC regulated
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          Oanda is a Market Maker, hence there is a conflict of interest. They make money if you lose, and vice versa. If you're a loser, they will be happy to take your money. If you're a profitable trader, they might try to sabotage you. Then it would make sense to go with an actual broker (those describing themselves with an acronym such as ECN, or DMA, or STP)