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    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since we discussed the ASIC and FCA regulated, AxiTrader and I thought it a good idea to post a fresh update on my recent experiences with them.

    I need to disclose that we earn revenue as a result of our affiliation and I had the pleasure of lunching with some of their senior staff last Friday. So my opinion is bias, but it also benefits from access to the firm that average retail traders don't have exposure to.

    We've been trading at AxiTrader for over four years across three different account managers and two CEO's. During that time they've grown from a single off in Sydney's North Shore to now supporting several global offices, including Dubai, London and a couple of other central locations that I didn't write down and can't remember.

    The one thing that always stands out when working with them is their customer focused attitude to trading. They care about their clients and want traders to have a positive experience.

    Having said that, their client portal has either been non-existent or sucked for the entirety of our relationship. It's something they're always working on, however being relatively large, sales orientated team that has possibly grown too quickly for its own good this is their one significant shortfall.

    Low spreads and fast execution are a given. Brokers can't compete unless they're offering close to zero spread on the major pairs, so the cost of trading isn't as important as it used to be. What's more important is the ability to access funds easily, something they do very well. You can fund an account with as little as $20 with no fees attached, and the MT4 account gets credited in seconds. Withdrawing is equally as easy.

    I'm keen to hear what you guys think about your experience with AxiTrader. Do you love them or hate them?

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    I have been using Axitrader for more than a year now, and I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure. Great customer service, easy deposits/withdrawals and good execution/spreads.


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      I have been with Axitrader since I joined ForexSignals and they have always been easy & quick to communicate with, spreads and withdrawals all good.


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        I am with AXITRADER UK, to date there have been no problems, withdrawals have been slow but that may be due to releasing the monies from a MAM account.


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          Hi all, how is Axitrader UK compared to IC Markets for gold trading? I'm looking to switch from ICM to Axi. What is average spread, are there any requotes, slippage etc? Servers are OK? Has there been any day that mt4 froze? ICM had some problems on live server02 last month. Also what is the swap for XAUUSD (short, long) and EURUSD?


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            Axitrader is not immune to server outages,but they are very infrequent -last year I was trading with them & experienced this but it was rectified quickly. The spread now on gold at 7.30 am NY time is very similar between Axi & IC although I seem to remember it was wider on Axi during some periods. Swap on gold Axi is -7.38 long , 2.16 short, IC long -6.78 short 0.52 short. I noticed Axi play around with their swap rates a lot changing often wheras IC is pretty constant with the rates. EURUSD swap Axi long -6.12, 4.08 short, IC -5.1 long, 2.2 short. Spread on eurusd similar during London NY but better on IC during Asian session. I never saw requotes on Axi.
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              Here we go again with margin reductions, the French election this time -from Axitrader email I received today:

              From market close on the Thursday, May 4th, we will be increasing the stop out level for all accounts and margin requirements for EUR and CHF related FX pairs and CFDs.

              We expect that changes to trading conditions will be industry wide, and that these changes will only be temporary. Rest assured, you will be notified if requirements or dates are revised at any point.

              Changes to Margin Requirements
              Margin Multiple Maximum Effective Leverage
              1 100:1
              2 50:1
              3 33:1
              The margin multiple applied to each product is as follows:
              Margin Multiple MT4 Symbol (includes standard, .pro & .swf)
              2 AUDCHF, CADCHF, CHFJPY,
              EURAUD, EURCAD, EURGBP,
              EURJPY, EURNZD, GBPCHF,
              NZDCHF, CHFSGD,CHFSEK,
              EURCZK, EURHUF,EURPLN,
              EURRON, EURRUB,EURSGD,
              EURTRY, EURZAR,EURCHF,
              EURSGD, EURSEK,EURNOK,
              XAUEUR, XAGEUR,XAUCHF,
              3 CAC40.fs, DAX30.fs, EUSTX50.fs
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                Thanks Littlemax, I got similar emails from most of our brokers.
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