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  • Paxforex

    I have been trading with Paxforex for about one year. I have spent a much of money trying to educate myself on trading the stock and forex markets.
    Paxforex is beyond a doubt in my opinion the best company to Teach yourself with. You have access to their instructors teaching. Their instructors are excellent. They teach factual trading application, money management, risk prudence, human psychology in trading and much more. You can choose an instructor that you are interested in.
    Paxforex website is expertly and with clear information. If you want to give yourself the best start in trading you do not have to spend the money and the time that I did. Let the instructors at Paxforex teaches you how to become a professional trader.
    I use Paxforex every day and make my profits I have never had a hanging order or problems with the platform. I can call them almost every day of the week and speak to a real person. I can chat with them very promptly given certain market hours and you can even request that particular person to call you immediately. you also can use Skype to contact your manger in Paxforex .
    At least you will not be alone when you trade with Paxforex .
    And if we talked about spread they become from lowest spread between brokers . Pax forex represent about 10 ways for deposit and withdraw money with minimum time . You will not Pay fees for withdrawal or deposit .
    paxforex represents different types of bonus .
    Also they have multiple types of accounts and Islamic accounts .
    They allow all kinds of trading strategy .
    Finally I want to thank Paxforex

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    I can attest that paxforex is an honest broker,low spreads,no reqoutes and they also have different forms of withdrawal methods.
    A trial with them can only convince you better.


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      They seem like a decent broker, but the problem is that they're not properly regulated. They're based in Montenegro and the company is registered in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Due to where its physical headquarter is situated the broker is not regulated by any internationally recognized financial authority. That said, Montenegro is a EU candidate they should, sooner or later, adopt the MiFID rules.