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Looking for the Ultimate Trading Platform? I present you TOOMEET!

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  • unitedsoftware
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  • yogi1137
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  • robert.miner
    Hi there, thanks for introduce your fintech company.

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  • Looking for the Ultimate Trading Platform? I present you TOOMEET!


    We are TOOMIT, the Fintech company that have developed an unique, Price Driven Market solution-TOOMEET.

    TOOMEET is cloud based trading platform suitable for CFD brokers allowing you to set up a dynamic trading ecosystem in a blink of an eye.

    Those are just few main features of our Turn Key solution:

    Distributed web application:
    • No infrastructure required and low implementation cost;
    • Extreme flexibility in deploying and maintenance;
    • Full cross platform and cross device compatibility;
    • No installation required, instant user access;
    • Impenetrable by third party code;
    Full integrated Back Office and CRM:
    • Full KYC & AML integration
    • Automated compliance alerts
    • Customizable compliance templates
    • Unlimited document cloud storage
    • Multi format import and export capabilities
    • Unlimited role management
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • Online marketing and optimization friendly
    Low latency price feed:
    • Ultra high speed web sockets;
    • Unlimited number of feeds;
    • Instant price validators/spike filters;
    • Execution - Fast trade capabilities;
    • Execution - Flexible market/client execution;
    360 safety:
    • Encrypted data at rest;
    • Encrypted internal protocols;

    TOOMEET is redifing the user experience:

    Social Module:
    • Check others' and share own:
    • open positions
    • pending orders
    • group of friends
    • trading history (brief or detailed)
    • reviews
    • copied trades...

    Analyzes sharing:
    • Check and share analyzes
    • Real time evaluation
    • Instrument/user filtering
    • Comments
    Full featured charts:
    • Technical analysis indicators
    • Customizable templates
    • Multicharts
    • Detachable
    • Open positions on chart
    • In the market / out of the market indicator
    • TP / SL on chart
    • Cancel order from chart
    • Drag & drop orders modify
    Openbook statistics:
    • Full community trading statistics
    • Daily biggest profit and biggest loss
    • Aggregated exposures
    • Most traded instruments
    • Most volatile instruments
    • Best performing traders
    Auto Translate public chat:
    • Realtime translation / no language barriers
    • Position sharing
    • Analyzes sharing
    • News sharing
    • Chat 1 to 1 filter (public)
    Super fast price feed:
    • Light speed prices
    • Excellent liquidity
    • High resolution ticks
    • Fast Trade capabilities
    • Execution in milliseconds
    • Deviation setup for guaranteed execution in volatile markets
    • Trailing stops
    Realtime copy trading:
    • Real time copy to/from others
    • Risk level management
    • Performance based fee negotiation
    • Flexible in/out to/from copy relationship
    • Full control over positions copied from others

    TOOMEET - We speak the language of FinTech without an accent!

    Check for yourself by opening a demo account, that is available HERE