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Do traders have to control their pineal gland?

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  • Do traders have to control their pineal gland?

    At this point there is no complete relationship between the action of tradear and the control of the pineal gland as a structure that completely controls the trading system, however it is well known that many of the functions that the pineal gland has within the human being they are perfectly used for the improvement and activation of thought and reasoning systems, a fact that improves and evolves the level of analysis and decision-making for a trader, which is why the trading expert Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor has taken the task of studying the control of your own pineal gland, exercise it and strengthen your study in the workplace. Few people are able to achieve total control of this gland that is part of our body, with the measure of age begins to slow down the segregation of the substance that helps us control our sensations. Promoting that gland to reactivate those stimuli for the control and benefit of our own sensations is not simple, but some have achieved it, others have taken the initiative to offer courses and workshops that help us understand what it is and its function, such as the businessman Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor did it mid-year in Madrid. An attendant to this workshop completely recommended the assistance and guidance of the trader who explained in a professional and simple way each one of the aspects of this area that has led to the success of many. And what do you think, dare to reactivate your pineal gland?

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    This is very interesting question. Maybe I would be able to that only if I knew how to do it. It sounds like nuclear physics to me. Does it means that you need to exclude all your emotions and focus your brain to work only on rationality? Sounds hard


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      Your awareness of your world is utterly dependent on how well your pineal gland is pure and clean.


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        That's the question, I don't really think any of us have thought about it. I understand that for success at Forex you need to have psychological health and ability to cope with your emotions, but now I'm interested, now I will look for more articles on this subject.