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Do traders have to control their pineal gland?

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  • Do traders have to control their pineal gland?

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    This is very interesting question. Maybe I would be able to that only if I knew how to do it. It sounds like nuclear physics to me. Does it means that you need to exclude all your emotions and focus your brain to work only on rationality? Sounds hard


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      Your awareness of your world is utterly dependent on how well your pineal gland is pure and clean.


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        That's the question, I don't really think any of us have thought about it. I understand that for success at Forex you need to have psychological health and ability to cope with your emotions, but now I'm interested, now I will look for more articles on this subject.


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          Oh, traders keep something under control all the time. Money, emotions, risks and much more. And I think that your question is about emotional state and stress.
          I think that a trader (a real trader) should be able to distribute his time in such a way that he can fully work and also have a good rest. After all, it depends on the literacy and accuracy of your work, it can lead to increased risks and constant mistakes, which will eventually lead to the fact that a person will no longer be interested in this business and will feel tired and disappointed.
          The market provides dozens and hundreds of opportunities every day and we can always take something to work with and miss something. This is normal, because we are not gods...