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  • Trading with IQ Option

    I am trading Forex with IQ Option. But The Spreads are written down in percent instead of pips.
    Please see the screenshot in this article :
    HOW TO TRADE FOREX WITH IQ OPTION - GUIDE & REVIEW 2023 This material is not intended for viewers from EEA countries. Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. The forex market is huge, and with a daily turnover of trillions of...

    I just want to know how I will find out if these are good or bad spreads. Can anyone help me?
    Thanks a lot
    HOW TO TRADE FOREX WITH IQ OPTION - GUIDE & REVIEW 2019 The forex market is huge, and with a daily turnover of trillions of dollars, there is more than enough liquidity to execute large orders in the blink of an eye. Spreads and commissions are gen...

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    This platform makes it easy for traders in a forex transaction. It is interesting to try


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      after I read, is the iq option similar to MT4?


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        as far as I know, they have a standard mt4 that's comfortable enough to work with, so I don't even know what might be the problem.


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          Now many companies are trying to adapt and modify the usual services in order to make them more accessible to users or attract new customers. And this is an interesting and widespread trend to date, for example, I recently saw that one brokerage company instead of standard leverage uses multipliers, which is really more convenient for beginners who are still difficult to perform all calculations. Most likely, they decided to do the same and created such a mechanism for calculating spreads. I don't think this is fundamentally reflected in your work or your statistics. But it should definitely be convenient for you. And do not hesitate to ask the company how to work with it - they should provide the most detailed instructions.


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            Are there still option brokers on the market. I thought that trading options is banned in the EU and also some other countries. Where is this broker registered?