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Complete Beginner (Well i know a little)

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  • Complete Beginner (Well i know a little)

    Hi Guys and gals

    I have joined up as I want to learn forex and eventually become a full time trader but i'm a complete beginner. I know a few things about trading with the trend but
    what i cant find is step 1 - do this, Step 2 - do this, Step 3 do this and so on? I understand it takes time and to keep risks small and don't trade on emotions and
    that sort of thing but im at a loss of where to go next and what steps to take?

    Can anyone help?

    many thanks


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    You can find the solution in this forum. try searching a thread about your problem.


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      A firm grasp of the most commonly-used forex lingo will make your entry into the market much simpler.


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        finish learning about the demo account, until you really understand.


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          Hi there, welcome to the community of forex traders. Its good to know that you have a bit of forex knowledge, but I'd advice you to expand your knowledge on forex first before getting into live trading. Practice on a demo account and ensure you get deeper into riskmanagement strategies


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            In the beginning of your trading career, you will not feel good as you will make mistakes. You must ahve to learn from every mistake in order to stay secure on the market for a long time. Repeating the mistakes is a bad habit and it is costly as well. Thanks!


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              Certainly, one of the best things that new trader can do is to keep track of all his tradings. I think that lose deals are the best teacher for one trader as they are able to reveal exactly where are deficiencies in trading, analysis or strategy. These are good inputs for future improvements


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                You can find a lot of learning material free of charge in internet. Dont forget to open a demo account and practice what you have learnt. Eventually, experience is most important so try to get as much initial experience on demo as possible. Also, keeping trading journal is excellent idea. Good luck


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