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Are you guys using Forex Signal?

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  • Are you guys using Forex Signal?

    Hello guys

    I'm trading Forex about 2year now. I using FBS broker. Anyway, how do you guys think about Forex Signal? Do you guys think it really trustful? and Can make a profit? At the first time, I used Paid signal during the 2month, I think the win rate is slightly over 50~60%. but you know that there is a huge dropdown or some of signal required longterm trade. So my account balance just slightly increased. I just doubt about, it is quite meaningless to using paid signal. In nowadays using free signal is not bad. because there win rated the same as a paid signal. of course they offer just a few signals in a day. but I'm quite satisfied. So. do you guys have some recommendable free signal?

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    I admit I've never heard of that service.