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What does forex cashback mean?

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  • What does forex cashback mean?

    Unfortunately, most of newbie traders even experts are not aware about Forex cashback and also most of forex brokers share only the bonus which they give to traders to encourage them, but everybody knows that to withdraw this massive bonus, you had to perform several trades which is too difficult and boring, but the case here for the cashback program is to gain direct money just by usual daily trading. And then any single trade you perform you will pull in profit even your trade closed with a loss.??!!

    What does forex cashback mean?
    Forex cashback is a payment rebated to traders for every trade done, Forex Brokers share the rebates they earn from every trade made by the forex traders. Whatever they got a loss or win trades.
    Simply Forex Cashback is the most profitable cashback methodology and also the same with a cashback affiliate program among all cashback traditional methods in the world.
    How Does It Work?
    When you open a brokerage account through, the brokerage pays us part of their spread or commission earnings for every swap you make as compensation for referring a client to them. We then share the majority of our revenue 80% with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as thank you for signing up with us. Your spreads and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with your current forex broker.The only difference is ,as our client you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening directly with the broker.
    First social forex networking platform with trusted forex brokers provides the highest forex cashback in the world and offering the best affiliate program.

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    Where we can get some list of which brokers propose such thing like cashback for that matter ? Do you see anything like that for example somewhere ? I haven't seen some more of that matter anyway and I do not see it really. Please provide the list.