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  • Tools that help you decide ...

    I decided to create this post to look for what tools that people most use in their decision ..

    i normally use moving avarage support and resistance and bollinger bands ..with some assist of trendsignals..

    i have been looking also in currency strengh meter and fib ..

    what about you ppl ??
    what helps you decide ..

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    Hi does anyone know of an indicator that plots the distance (in pips) between the current price and a MA.

    I have seen PIPS2MA but its an alert, what I would like is a plot of the max distance above (so high/current) or below (so low/current) so there would be 2 histograms or lines one for max and one for current/close.

    Thanks in advance


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      Go MT4 ex4 Distance To Ema's in Pips but no sure how to share on the forum


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        Thanks JD but all I can find are HUDs or alerts I want one that will plot in the indicator window like MACD etc.

        DO you have any links?
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          Pivots .. never trade without them.
          Take a look at the attached soy bean chart from yesterday - people who are trading intraday without plotting the pivot lines are cheating themselves
          Soy beans September 4th.jpg


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            I use the occasional trend line, but that's about it.

            Indicators only interpret what's already on your chart.
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              I trade completely naked. No indicators, no fib lines, no gann markers. Just candlestick charts and PA.


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                Hi Nick,

                I've watched your great FX Viper documentary a few times and read through most of his comments on the forum and I was wondering if he has ever mentioned a reliable course, book, or individuals who provide reliable info about how to trade Forex using raw price action in Forex. I know he had a mentor for years but I was wondering if he ever came across any other sound content that he recommends as he said that most (or all) of what he found online didn't work.

                I've searched online and found a couple individuals who said they trade Forex using some variation of Richard Wyckoff's method of trading price action on stocks. There also seems to be people who are jumping on the bandwagon and offering courses on price action so I'm looking for a way to filter out most these unreliable ones and find the solid, fundamental content that I can use for, or apply to scalping. I appreciate any suggestions you can offer.


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                  horiindy - Copy.png

                  This indicator above is as close to a holy grail you can get if used correctly, nothing else comes close
                  And I challenge any trader on any currency to pick a better price level with there tools of choice..