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Transactions with 150K accounts with Fernando Martinez.

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  • Transactions with 150K accounts with Fernando Martinez.

    A Spanish trader who is considered by many people as the best trader in Spain called Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor is currently conducting direct trading through his YouTube channel: in which he performs operations in Real time with real accounts, offers advice and teaches your movements so that more beginner users can learn them for free. Right now it is offering $ 1000 to the first 500 users who subscribe to its channel so that they can trade in the preferred market and will also have the possibility to visualize the operations of the other participating users, copy and choose the opposite operation (the who wish to go against it) to make a profit if they lose on the sole condition that others can also copy your operations. Finally you will receive $ 50 for each suggested friend you make subscribe.

    The operations will be full time, including weekends, transactions will be made with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other similar funds that can be operated during the weekend. The chats are open at all times unless they are important operations where special attention should be paid to what is being done. In addition, users are invited to perform alternate operations if they wish to demonstrate that their trading tricks are effective. On the other hand, it is probable that in the direct ones the details of all the pending orders cannot be observed, for this reason Fernando will provide fxstat type links so that the subscribers can see the pending orders in real time.

    In an account it can be reflected that it has been earning 400% in 2 years and has also been very little operated, currently it has 150k. In another account it has the same amount but it has limitations by European regulations, this means that the leverage is less beneficial to operate, Fernando will explain more about how to operate perfectly in these two situations. Do not miss this chance! And watch live the trading operations of Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor.

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    Please explain one more time who is offering $1000 to be there anyway totally and completely out there and especially $50 for someone who you will refer here. I do understand it's probably credible but please create some tension here anyway.


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      Thanks for the thorough explanations, I appreciate it.


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        This approach to teaching trading seems to me to be really productive, because you see how the work is done and what exactly a trader does, it's not just words and advertising, at least I hope so, but at one time I have watched them in hundreds and in every trader noticed some subtleties that helped in the work.


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          It's very good that there are still traders who share their knowledge quietly and are ready to keep in touch with other representatives of our sphere, I would be interested to observe other situations, especially when something went wrong.