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  • Useful MT4 scripts

    Hi guys,

    I am just trying to get my head around scripts. I have no idea what they are (well I have been youTube-ing today about it and Google searching the poopsicle out of it.

    But really tbh I still don't understand them too much. Using VPS terminals in different countries is about as advanced IT as I have got.

    I thought we could start a thread where people attach some scripts that they find useful and for what reason they use them.

    It might help some of the more computer illiterate people figure out how to use them.

    I have no idea if this is even possible but I would like a script that will close all open positions (in a basket of pairs) once they hit say 2% profit. Or a script that closes all open positions once I have made 5% for the week.

    I have no idea if this type of thing is even possible.

    But if anyone has some cool scripts and wants to share this could be the thread that we do it.


    happy trading!


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    i would like too say everything you mention is possible todo it is just mather of knowledge in write code for mt4.

    I started making an EA for mt4 once that collects information from myfxbook and on certain condition it place a buy or sell trade depending on the certain conditions. Pretty simple it was my first EA or script for mt4 i have not written any peice of code since then.
    For me i do not find it so much interesting on write code right now anyway i have some other scripts that i use for trading i could share them when i get home not sure if anyone would find them usefull but hopefully someone.


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      I would also like to take some script like that. I can't write code by myself, so if anybody could share, that would be great.