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EURUSD trading strategy during FOMC Rate Decision week

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  • EURUSD trading strategy during FOMC Rate Decision week

    The day June 15th at 18:00 GMT is the most important day and time for June and probably for the summer. In this time is expecting Fed interest rates decision. expects high volatile market as depends on the situation EURUSD may move more than 400 pips within the first hour of trading.
    Ahead FOMC Interest rates decision the dollar recovery some of the losses by the U.S. Non-farm payrolls report last week. The recovery may continue till Wednesday at 18:00 GMT. The other important events in the week are Retail Sales on Tuesday at 12:30 GMT and Thursday CPI and Core CPI at 12:30 GMT. For the Euro Zone the most important events are EU CPI on Thursday at 9:00 GMT and Friday ECB President Draghi's Speech at 15:00 GMT.
    The support level of EURUSD is formed at 1.1135 while resistance level we see at 1.1415. After Fed events on Wednesday one of these levels will down. trading strategy this week is to keep short positions until Wednesday. Interest rates rise with 25 bps is already generated by the market so is possible to see weak dollar at the mid of the week.
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    hi there,
    can there be spread widening issue, even there is no major news in the market. am not getting what the hell my broker did with my account. they just screwed me up when i was making a lot of money in my account. i had was making around 8k on my USDJPY positions but in seconds my account got wiped out due to some slippage issue. is this a broker specific issueor it was actual move as i cant see much things happening in the market. i can just say they screwed me up badly


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