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Lion FX Fund Scam - Beware

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  • Lion FX Fund Scam - Beware

    Hey guys,

    Many of us get a lot of FX Junk mail, but I just had to share this one with you.

    Lion Fund

    If you put your details in, it'll take you to this page:

    The track record is 100% fabricated, and I literally laughed out loud when I saw the photo-shopped pictures of their stand at the "Annual Invest Conference in Dubai"

    I know most of you guys are smart enough to pick these scammers a mile away, but I figured by putting a thread up with the site's details, it might alert other rookie FX traders from throwing their money away.
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    The testimonials are pretty funny

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      Thank you very much for this impotent thread! You are absolutely right; scam brokers are available here and there! Even, they offer so many attractive features and facility! Thatís way, new traders start their trading with a market maker broker without knowing their regulation status! Of course, regulation is much important issue rather than any trading facility or feature, so be sincere on broker regulation!


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        they also dont even have a proper https certificate lol