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  • Finally I can offer MAM

    I have finally setup a MAM for everyone who was asking for one. This is probably the best solution if you want to profit from my trading. The minimum deposit size needs to be no less than 5,000 Euros. So anything from 5,000 and up is fine. The goal is to reach 100k this yr and by next yr 1mil or as close to it as possible.

    The monthly profit is anywhere from 5-20% just depends on what the market gives us. The draw down on average moves anywhere from 0.1%-5% & once a yr it can go to 18 or 20%. During the flash crash I was 18% floating DD but because of the giant spread myfxbook recorded a 40% DD even thou I made 10% profit from the crash. I am assuming as the positions were closing 1 after the other because i had 6 of them open, for a second it recorded that kind of DD. The risk and strategy is controlled very tight at every level and is very well thought out. ( The reason why it has been successful for almost 2 yrs)

    This MAM is not for US. Residents because I use hedging to manage losing trades as last line of defense.

    Here are a few youtube videos I made explaining a little bit about how the strategy is traded that you see on myfxbook. Link here:

    Video explaining entry & taking profit:
    Video explaining a little bit about how hedging works:
    and last video explaining entry and why I never enter a full position and split it by 5 to make profit also in ranging markets:

    To sign up to the MAM follow this Link

    If you have any questions, you can write here or come to the chat room, i am there most of the time when I am watch over the EAs trade.

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    Good luck Joe.

    My immediate reaction is that you're focusing on the returns rather than the downside risk.

    You say the drawdown averages between 0.1% and 0.5%? How does that relate to the overall 18-20% drawdown? And which one is it, 18% or 20%? This shouldn't be a liquid number, it needs to be fixed.
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      Originally posted by JoePro
      Hey nick, thx. I said 0.1% to 5% not 0.5% on average and 18 to 20% once a yr. These numbers are talking about what people can expect to see with a 10k account. This is not talking about DD cap. The more profit every month the lower the DD goes. The img. below demonstrates the DD history. The max DD for a 10k account would be 40% ( 4K ) & the bigger the account the lower the DD. With small accounts to make good money you have to take a little bit higher draw down in %. With the Risk modifications I have done over the weekend for the MAM, we should never see 40% DD on a 10k account.
      I'm not sure you understand how MAM software works...

      If I have $20k invested it'll get the same drawdown in percentage terms as you $10k account.

      Conversely if I have $5k invested (provided your lot sizing isn't less than 0.02) I'll get the same drawdown in percentage terms.

      Regardless, the point of my post was to understand what your worst case scenario is.

      You're focusing on returns, not risk, and that's the issue.

      You say in your signature "Knowing how to manage your losing trades, is what makes you an excellent trader. " - so please tell us how you manage a losing trade because the best way to "manage" a losing trade is to know when you're going to cut it in my humble opinion.

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        Originally posted by JoePro
        The max DD for a 10k account would be 40% ( 4K ) .
        Is the EPM setup and is set at 40%? -

        Are you using the MT4 or jForex platform?
        What account type will you be using?
        Their main server is in NY, are you hosting your EA in USA?

        Can you make a video to explain the martingale money management that happened on OCt7, because I see starting lotsize of 0.05 and quickly grew to 1.49 Lot.
        And is the so called hedged strategy the Zone Recovery method?
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          Seems alot easier to just find 1 guy with 100k.


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            Nice to see your thread joe.. Missed you at the live trade room.. U must have been busy adjusting your EA.

            Nick , you should check his account trades during the gbp flash crash... Thats the interesting part. The execution of trades are amazing and he got filled when people realized there wasn't any liquidity in the market. Not sure how and why. But joe came up profitable. I checked his account. Looks really nice.

            Thw main idea is eventually market will move significantly to the up or bottom side and all these hedges will come out in profit.

            All the best joe.


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              Originally posted by JoePro

              Yeah I have been busy actually preparing for a business trip & haven't had much time to come to the chat room. I will be there tomorrow during NFP hope to see you there. Oh and I am going to be releasing a full video of the strategy & how the risk management is done. Risk management is where all the effort has been put into for the 95% of the strategy, taking profit is easy anyone can do that but managing the losing trades is what makes my trading different from others.
              nice, looks like your account if going strong. keep it up.