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  • Signals for Gold

    Hello traders!

    We have good news!

    We offer for few days free signals for Gold/USD.

    Every day after 12AM you will have two signals - buy and sell both of them have profit 50pips.

    At least one of those signals will give you daily profit of 50pips. Some days you can get profit from both of them, it's depends of market how it's moves. But for sure you will get at least one.

    With those signals you work only with pending orders, so when markets will opens you just put pending order and wait for it.

    Also, forget about Stop loss. Use your money management, we suggest in one deal maximum go only with 30% of your balance.
    So after one month you will get profits at least 30% of your capital.

    We work only with FXPro broker company. So we suggest do the same.

    Signals for taday: Buy was 1287.20-1287.70, Sell is 1282.10-1281.60

    Signals for Monday will be announced tomorrow!

    Have a good day!

    If you have some questions send me PM

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    where i can follow your signal?


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      all signals for today give me 100 pips,
      thank you,
      God bless.

      waiting your post for monday!


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        Hello traders!

        It's nice that you use those signals.

        Spinmass84, you can follow for signals here. I will post them every evening after 12AM here for next day.

        77721888, I appreciate that you like them and use.

        With our signals you guys will do good profits.

        Next signal for Monday will be posted here tomorrow.

        Have a good weekend!!


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          Thanks for posting that signals!

          Rejestracja Spóki Limited w Wielkiej Brytanii oraz oddziau w Polsce

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            Good day Traders!

            I hope everyone have a good weekend and now are ready to work.

            How I promise, next signals for Monday are ready.

            So after 1:00 AM everybody put a pending orders for Gold/USD and let's make some profits.

            Buy limit order 1287.20 - 1287.70 Sell stop order 1282.10 - 1281.60

            Enjoy your profits!

            Have a good rest of the day!

            50pipsgold team


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              any updats to day Gold signal


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                After free days how i can get yours signals for gold?



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                  wuhuuu, today i get my big profits,

                  you are a monster!!!!!!


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                    Good day Traders!

                    Hope that u guys use my posted signals, because today we get again 100pips.

                    That's great opportunity use those free signals for you guys.

                    Mr Ghayyur, you can follow Gold signals every day here in comments. I will post them here every day after 12AM EEST

                    So my suggestion just subscribe 50pipsgold here and you will never miss next signals.

                    Answer to 77721888, after free signals what our team is posting here will be posted in our website and everyone will have access to them, but then they will coast for 1week 100€, for 1month 400€.

                    So now we give people chance to get profits for free and approximately free signals will be available here around for 1-1,5 week.

                    Signals for tomorrow will be posted here after 12AM EEST

                    And please remember that signals works only one time per day, dont use them more than one time!

                    Best regards,
                    50pipsgold team


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                      Ok, great! I pump up my acc very well for 2 days with yours signals. Thanks


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                        Hello Traders!

                        How we deal, that signals for Tuesday are ready!

                        Buy 1281.30 - 1281.80, Sell stop 1276.20 - 1275.70

                        Enjoy your profits guys!

                        Best regards,
                        50pipsgold team


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                          Originally posted by 77721888
                          Ok, great! I pump up my acc very well for 2 days with yours signals. Thanks
                          It's so obvious that you and the owner of this thread are the same person. Give us a break. Beware people!!!


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                            Originally posted by Big River Man View Post

                            It's so obvious that you and the owner of this thread are the same person. Give us a break. Beware people!!!
                            Hi, I don't need to make new account to put some feedbacks, because our team make unique signals what works.

                            So not people are talking with feedbacks but signals who works.

                            So those free signals our team post for people like you to understand that not always free information is useless.

                            Have a good day!


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                              Good morning Traders!

                              I just want to congratulate Traders who use our signals and get again profits from Buy and Sell!

                              So 3 days we are posting here our signals for you guys and from 3 days 300pips, good results I think.

                              Enjoy your profits and next signals again after 12AMEEST.

                              Have a good day,
                              50pipsgold team