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Trading done right :) 7600%

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  • Trading done right :) 7600%

    Its been a while , hope everyone is well and making those accounts grow

    Love Jmoney0121

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    Jmoney, DD is a little high at 55% can you explain that? That doesn't seem right based on your risk/reward and win loss ratio. Math doesn't add up.

    Win/loss in pips: 2.29, so for every $1 you risk lets say you would gain $2.29
    Your win to loss ratio is 94% taking both buy/sell sides as an average.

    With those results you can't be getting a 55% DD unless your applying some hedging/layering?

    Otherwise, awesome results!? Congrats!


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      very well done, eu seems to be your best pair which makes sense.

      keep it up


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        Profit is always great and I am always sincerely happy for each of my colleagues, but I also did not quite understand the profit figures, were you wrong or just forgot to specify something? But in any case, it looks worthy of attention, so I wish you even more success !!!


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          These are the things that irritate me the most, because my own colleagues, people with whom we are in the same conditions, spread false rumors and expectations, which result in people starting to believe in some untruthful things and consequently lose loyalty to the market. I think this is absolutely wrong, and it serves as a certain confirmation that we should check all the data we receive, even if it's verified sources. Every trader (even if they are using a passive format) must understand this well in order to control each and every one of them - analysis and trading itself. So, develop, study the market and then everything will be fine.


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            Agreed. I dont have an issue to see posts like this on forum. I usually dont comment those. But, I am worried that some new traders will see this and think that there are miracles on forex market.


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              I truly believe that the market does give a certain amount of opportunity and it is really possible to work accurately and competently and make a profit on a regular basis. But I definitely do not believe that it is possible to earn here easily and without much effort, and that everyone can show the same high figures. Everyone has certain knowledge, experience and capabilities - and in this case you should not equate everyone under one line. I think it's not necessary to suggest to traders that earning is available in the market under any circumstances. But the most important thing is that trader should keep learning and move forward in the market under any circumstances - it can really bring results.


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                The high profits of other traders can really serve as a certain motivation for others, because thanks to this you understand that it is possible, and you accordingly also gain the belief that you can cope and continue to work with no less enthusiasm. But I also think that in order to make such loud statements, you have to have some proof and evidence, so that you can really show how you achieve these results, especially if you offer some paid services or offer your own experience to others. And in this case, the demo results have no value, because the demo can safely gamble and do not worry about risks. But working with real money can be much more difficult and stressful.


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                  what strategy did you use to achieve this?


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                    for how many years have you been trading?