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  • Trading as an artist and musician

    Hi all

    My name is Anthony. I am new to this forum. I love the vibe of this community where everything is in one place. So I have off-topic questions before I start my trading journey..
    I am a music composer and artist. And I thought I should give Forex trading a try, not because I failed as an artist, but because I'm seeing that trading could replace my daily job, so I could focus on creating better quality art and music, and take care of the expenses. I have big patience and a strategic mind. My MBTI is INTJ.

    The questions are the following, If I become a professional Forex trader within 6 months:

    1- How much time/hours do I need to trade per week for maximum profit percentage?
    2- Will the trading world affect my artistic endeavors? in other words, is Forex very stressful?
    3- How much time do I need in order to reach $2M dollars if I start on a $500 account? (with consistent and low risk strategies)
    4- Wouldn't it be faster to reach my goal if I trade on Binary options? (using low risk 1-2-3% bets with money management and the help of ForexSignals members and mentors)

    My plan is to trade 1-2 hours per day maximum and leave the other hours for artistic and musical pursuits. Of course I will be spending 30 min analyzing the market daily before I jump in and I'll be watching the Forex weekly forecast on Mondays. + Analyzing signals with the Pros in this community.

    I'm now residing at my parents' house, so no living cost or food.. and I'm debt free. I don't spend more than $100 on my self and hangouts. But my goal is to reach $2M so I may be able to trade Forex as a living and make at least 10% monthly profit. So I can later buy my own house and take care of all the artistic plans (including social media ads and other expanses)

    I have attached a photo below showing a trading plan I found on the internet. Let me know your opinions and if this kind of "trading adventure" is worth it and how much true it is.

    All the best,
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    It’s possible to trade 1-2 hours a day profitably and devote the rest of the day to your music. By the way, I play the bass-guitar and trade, although I play this instrument just for fun because I like low notes and not because I feel a strong need to compose music. Sometimes I compose something on my bass and even record something as a demo but never take it seriously. As I see your approach to music is more serious. That’s a different thing.
    If you really have a gift to compose music, then it would be logically to assume that in the future you will earn your living this way and even quit your daily job. If it’s your gift, you need to pay as much attention and time to it as possible. With this approach, it should pay off.
    As for trading, perhaps, you are under the impression of some popular stereotypes and myths about trading. You might think it’s so easy to learn to trade and then you can become rich by trading a couple of hours a day. Well, it’s possible to trade several hours a day and earn more than you do on your daily job, but it’s possible if you can trade. As a rule, it takes years to learn to trade and it’s a very stressful experience. Before people become professionals in this field, they burn many depos, face depressions and even think they are absolutely worthless.
    You can’t learn to trade on a demo account. It will teach you some basic things, but you can learn to trade only on a real account. While learning you need to spend much time on it, trading on a real account. You need to see in real time how different trading sessions work, namely American, European, Asian sessions. You need to learn how to react to different economic news.
    So, trading is as serious as your music. You may certainly temporarily cease composing music and focus on trading. You may learn to trade and then try to combine trading with music. Why not? But it seems to me that it would be unacceptable for you to cease playing music.​


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      It doesn’t matter who you are. You can start trading at any age regardless of your background. Why not? Being a musician, surgeon or anybody else doesn’t make you special in trading.