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  • Trading as an artist and musician

    Hi all

    My name is Anthony. I am new to this forum. I love the vibe of this community where everything is in one place. So I have off-topic questions before I start my trading journey..
    I am a music composer and artist. And I thought I should give Forex trading a try, not because I failed as an artist, but because I'm seeing that trading could replace my daily job, so I could focus on creating better quality art and music, and take care of the expenses. I have big patience and a strategic mind. My MBTI is INTJ.

    The questions are the following, If I become a professional Forex trader within 6 months:

    1- How much time/hours do I need to trade per week for maximum profit percentage?
    2- Will the trading world affect my artistic endeavors? in other words, is Forex very stressful?
    3- How much time do I need in order to reach $2M dollars if I start on a $500 account? (with consistent and low risk strategies)
    4- Wouldn't it be faster to reach my goal if I trade on Binary options? (using low risk 1-2-3% bets with money management and the help of ForexSignals members and mentors)

    My plan is to trade 1-2 hours per day maximum and leave the other hours for artistic and musical pursuits. Of course I will be spending 30 min analyzing the market daily before I jump in and I'll be watching the Forex weekly forecast on Mondays. + Analyzing signals with the Pros in this community.

    I'm now residing at my parents' house, so no living cost or food.. and I'm debt free. I don't spend more than $100 on my self and hangouts. But my goal is to reach $2M so I may be able to trade Forex as a living and make at least 10% monthly profit. So I can later buy my own house and take care of all the artistic plans (including social media ads and other expanses)

    I have attached a photo below showing a trading plan I found on the internet. Let me know your opinions and if this kind of "trading adventure" is worth it and how much true it is.

    All the best,