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  • Writing on a business thematic

    Hello, everyone. Can someone recommend literature that can help me to write a paper on a general business(more economical field)?

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    The first 10 links to Google or any other search engine, it always displays the most popular and famous books that will be useful to you.


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      The best business books are popular not only among start-up entrepreneurs. They are recommended for reading in lyceums, university courses in micro- and macroeconomics, they stand on the shelves of psychotherapists and writers-philosophers.
      Why? Because this kind of literature asks the right questions and trains our brains not to relax at the most important moments. How to learn to distinguish these moments from others, when to act and when to take time-out - only a tiny part of the knowledge and skills that we draw from this kind of books.
      Personally, I really liked Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson. To write this book, Walter Isaacson had to interview more than a hundred of Steve Jobs' colleagues, and the recorded audio was enough for a hundred hours of listening. The result of such researches was the work, which for 5 years in a row hasn't left the list of the best books about business! Jobs is the greatest genius of the XXI century along with Stephen Hawking. Look ""under the microscope"" the components of his stunning career, find out where he got his inspiration for ideas that seemed crazy until he implemented them.
      Walter Isaacson is editor-in-chief of Time magazine. Few people know that besides Apple, Jobs founded Pixar Film Studio, famous for its cartoons.


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        I find this as a very strange question. First, do you need help with writing academic papers, or just general writing? There is huge difference between writing styles and content. In addition, you need to be very good at economics, which is not so easy without University degree.