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Which sectors will continue to loose ground due the Coronavirus?

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  • Which sectors will continue to loose ground due the Coronavirus?

    Most of them are well known for all. Everyone hopes, that they will start recovery in a short amount of time.
    In West Europe we don't expect too early recovery, although some restrictions are down.
    World-Signals expects the economic problem to exist beyond the reach of 2020 to 2021.
    One of the biggest structures to suffer are the tourism - ski resorts, restaurants, bars and etc.
    Although the fact that many investments in real estates, hotels and restaurants may go out to public sell is too early to invest there. The bottom is far away into very low prices in a few years ahead.

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    Yes, everybody has certain problems now, I think that every business direction is now losing money, another thing is that a lot depends on whether there is an opportunity to transfer the business in the prism of online, if yes - then there is a chance for success.


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      Manufacturers of those goods that are not in the category of essential goods will lose most of all now. Today, people are trying to save money and think about how they will live on, so almost no one has the financial opportunity to take risks.


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        I think that it is stocks that will lose the most in price, because not everyone can invest and produce any goods or implement any projects now.
        It is difficult to do it now, and it turns out that the business as a whole is in a waiting position.


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          As for the sectors of the economy, I don't see the complete closure of entire sectors or the emergence of sectors that didn't exist before. But indeed, some sectors will grow faster and others will work slower. Sectors related to transportation, transport, airlines and cargo will suffer. It will also affect tourism and hotels. On the other hand, anything related to telecommuting, online training, video conferencing - all these services will get an extra boost.
          Another sector that will win is healthcare, both public and private. People will have a greater understanding that health care matters, that good training can help to cope with the next pandemic. In general, both health care and online health services are the businesses that will grow faster.
          In the spring of 2020, most universities around the world have switched to online education, and it is possible that many of these universities will continue to teach online in whole or in part and in the fall of 2020. In that sense, this sector will change dramatically. Campuses have played and are playing a key role in education, but with the development of online education it will become clear that many things can be done without putting hundreds of students in classrooms.
          Of course, it is good that we'll not go to work extra times, because it is bad for the planet and a waste of time. On the other hand, online communication hasn't yet reached the quality that can completely replace face-to-face communication.