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Trouble loading chat box

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  • Trouble loading chat box

    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, or knows of a solution. I have windows 8 and can't access the chat room. The chat room page opens up, chat begins to load then stops. I can sign in on a friends windows 7 computer, Have downloaded all the latest adobe and java's. Don't know what to do next.


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    Try another broswer
    It is not working for me on Internet Explorer but works fine on Firefox and chrome

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      Thanks. .. but I tried that. Crome ,Firefoxand explorer.


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        I've never been able to get it either - using any browser - I think it may have something to do with my work firewall or IP address??

        would welcome any ideas how to get round this!


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          Do you have flash player installed?

          It usually comes standard with all browsers, however some companies may uninstall / block it. See if you can install it manually on another browser using that link.

          If that fails, it might be a firewall blocking issue ...


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            Yes I have a problem to

            I use Google Chrome but can't see chat in this browser

            So I use Internet Explorer and place the Web Page on a different Screen. Hate Internet Explorer and only use it for this site chat.


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              I have the same problem too , added adobe flash , used opera mini,firefox,internet explorer . Still cannot load chat room .