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  • Best Forex trading platform

    Cryptaza is a group of traders and financial experts associated with UAE trading bulls and Australian whales that have the power to control the Crypto market . We provide signals based on market research news updates. Our trading team has more than 15 years of experience in Forex trading , wealth management, and financial services.

    Cryptaza uses special tools and bots for real-time monitoring and analysis of the movements on the market. These movements are all checked and verified by our expert professional traders and then shared with our elite clients worldwide, leaving millions of satisfied clients trading with us.

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    In fact, I am convinced that any of the actual trading terminals can become a platform for constant profit. A lot depends on how well the trader understands the opportunities he has. After all, there are traders who use purely classical approaches, which require a minimum set of indicators and strictly basic analysis. While other traders use some more sophisticated approaches with multiple levels of analysis, which requires special settings and other things that need to be understood and used as intended. So the most important thing is to check all the stages of the trading terminal operation, and then you will be able to work under optimal conditions.


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      I'm a scalper trading with FP Markets, and I prefer using the MT4 platform because it is suitable for forex trading; it also has real-time access to market prices and liquidity.


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        There are also other good platforms, it all depends on the conditions


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          Since I scalp with FP Markets, I prefer using the MT4 platform because it is much suitable for forex trading when compared to other platforms.

          The other main reason I trade with the MT4 is they have Multiple trading orders for High Flexibility.


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            Let`s clear the things a bit... Platform is MT4, MT5 and etc. FP Markets, IC or EagleFX in example are brokers.


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              An efficient trading platform is a must for profitable online trading. If your broker is unable to provide you with that then there's no reason for you to still use that broker. Personally, I use the AssetsFX MT4 platform! AssetsFX is available on the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platforms. I use the MT4 iOS app, and it's fantastic.