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Free profitable scalper robot! + 700% profit per month!

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  • Free profitable scalper robot! + 700% profit per month!

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    On the one hand, I understand that modern conditions require more modern methods of market analysis and work itself. On the other hand, it is quite difficult for me to imagine that I will deal with my problems or some kind of entertainment while my money is on the market and something will happen to it. I will not be able to leave it out of control and will not be able to trust any system, even the most advanced, 100%. Although it may be that at some point I will use it, but most likely I will only use a certain percentage of my capital for such a format, so that in case of a negative result I can quickly restore my capital and continue the normal classical work, this is more understandable to me.


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      Such titles always sounded suspicious to me.
      I cannot imagine two things:
      1. The trading bot which makes 700% profit per month. I know that the computers have potential to be much more efficient than human beings in trading as they can calculate very fast and that they don't have emotions which may affect their decision making process. However, I have never heard of a person or a machine which made 700% profits every month within a more or less long period of time. I imagine how much attention it would draw. I believe that some authorities would immediately change the rules with huge scandals and so on. There was nothing like this on the media.
      2. Such a successful bot would be given anyone for free. That sounds super hilarious to me. I imagine if I happened to create such a machine. I would never ever tell anyone about it and just gained the profits and kept low profile.THat is why it is no wonder for me that the video and the scalper robot itself are unavailable.


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        Any statistics?