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August 2014 Profit Report

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  • August 2014 Profit Report

    August Profit ReportAll statistics verified by Myfxbook. Past returns may not be replicated in the future.
    DayFox +10.13%
    Hot diggity dog, way to make an entrance DayFox!

    It was fantastic to watch this trader in action as he managed the basket of trades during a whipsawing market mid month. He hedged and counter-hedged repeatedly until we all walked away with big bag of green pips.

    I've already made over $1k in only 7 weeks following this trader. Check out my statement.
    FX Viper +3.55%(3% floating drawdown)
    +$3,361 (trading 2x risk)
    FX Viper got back into gear with a healthy gain for August hitting 59/63 winners during the period. I know many of us are keen to see the back of the sole remaining USDCAD position. If his plan comes to fruition and the pair moves up towards 1.12 then we haven't got much longer to wait.

    In the meantime, Viper is continuing to trade around the position. He works best in high volatility, so look for an action packed September!
    Smart Trader +1.67%
    Smart - That's what he is!

    This trader stayed on the sidelines for much of the month due to lack of opportunity. Like it or not, this patience is incredibly positive trait for a trader. Forcing trades in a market that is not co-operating will only lead to losses.

    While on the subject of Mr Smart, we've been running one of his other systems on trial for the past 9 months with great success. It's now 9/9 positive months with a whopping 200% return. Check out the statement here. I expect this strategy to be an official part of the site in the coming month. Stay tuned!
    TradeAlerter +0.39% (2.65% open drawdown*)
    +$1,913(my account is set to 2x risk)
    TradeAlerter got caught in a fight with the UK government as GPBUSD slid 700 pips without a proper retracement. This isn't as devastating as it sounds with current exposure sitting around 2%. I'm supremely confident he'll find a way out of the trade in the coming month.

    We are also in a basket trading long on the worlds dullest pair....EURCHF. I watched this pair for several days and mistakenly thought my connection had dropped out a number of times due to lack of movement.

    Keep in mind that his specialty is JPY, once that starts to move he'll be back in action.

    To learn more about TradeAlerter's strategy and pick up a few tips for your own trading make sure you keep up to speed with his daily market updates and video commentary.

    FX Amplified -0.33%(13% open drawdown)
    +$9,812 (my account is set to 4x risk)
    To say FX Amplified is in a pickle would be an understatement.

    He is currently experiencing the worst drawdown in over 4 years of audited history. The drawdown was hedged and he sat out the end of August in an attempt to regroup and find a strategy to get out of this predicament.

    Will he recover? Yes

    When? No idea...
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    Hi, thanks, please where are september, october?
    I am so disapointed by Dayfox, Fxamp... Nick help us please to find good signal for long term....