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    Good afternoon,

    Would you advise on selling Bitcoin at the moment?


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      i was a victim of an investment scam for over a period of 1 years, I Invested a total of $80,000 with binary trading it accumulated to 520000 in earnings. Then they stated I had to pay an upgrade fee of 100,000 to access the withdrawal option. They denied me withdrawal because i couldn’t come up with that amount. The upgrade fee was not stated in the terms and conditions. i already created an additional account to earn money back on the side, but was also denied withdrawal until I pay upgrade fee of $25000, this is after investing $17000. The assigned account manager later agreed to $20000. Then when $20000 was paid he said $7900 more was needed to discontinue my suspension because they linked my accounts and they had been suspended. I did not pay the $7900, but i lost a lot already.

      i went in search of how to get my investments back then i stumbled on an article that i could say spoke to me directly. it read thus;

      “Delays give the bad guys time to hide and spend your money, so the sooner you act the better chance you have of getting your money back.

      It went on to say “A good scammer will keep his victim on the hook hoping for the glory money for up to two years, by which time all the money the victim sent might be long gone and never return to him, but if action is taken, the team at Securedintel1@ gmail. com has an impeccable success rate in financial recovery” i followed though with their procedures and they recovered all my earnings in 2 weeks although they recovered a convincing part of it in the first week.

      Now that the dust has settled, i can confidently say from my first call to the final communication with them, it was a remarkable experience, but being a victim wasn’t a pleasurable experience, because i couldn’t imagine living with myself in such pain and major setback in my life.