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    I wanted to make a little explanation about my trading and statistic.

    As it is described in signals we are the team of traders that are trading semi automatically with 7 years of experience and huge investment in developing and optimising our trading.

    I have started here for month and this is my second running month here. Results as it can be seen in myfxbook are over 15% monthly average with max drawdown of 6%.On december we reached over 21%. I can not say that this drawdown will always be like this, but it should not much higher.

    I see that some signals have 30% , and this is not my style right now. I was thinking to make another more aggressive account, but after the advice of the guys I decided not to do that. Because signals receiver can multiplay their risk or set it lower.

    FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds.

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    Very interesting signal. Can I ask you about the team of yours? Can you tell us more about it.


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      tell me what you need to know ? I can explain probably...


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        If you could just tell us, how many of you guys are in the team, and what kind of roles?
        Your strategy is semi automatic, so I could imagine there is a programmer in your team, who is executing the trades?


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          there are 3 of us, so somebody is always around... we have some programers as well and relationships with them, and also a sales team that works for capital raising...


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            Here is what some of signal receiver like about the signals:

            Hi ,

            To give you some feedback, here is what I like about it :

            1 - Small number of losses.

            2 - When loss happens it is not much (except once -60 pips).

            3 - Steady stream of quick profits (5 to 20+ pips) with short exposure to market.

            4 - No open positions for more than 1 day.

            5 - Position is first closed before another position is opened.


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                What kind of account do you have with LQD Markets, STP, ECN, RAW. This is important to some investors when you scalp 3-5 pips someone like me may only get 1.5 or 1 pips because of slippage and data feed differences. So the information you provide will help determine how someone will set the settings for your signals.

                Is there any recommendation for Simple trader settings you can provide for certain account sizes. "if Any"


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                  Can you unlock history & lotsize on myfxbook please?


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                    Hi, on LQD I do have fix spread during 24 hours, so it is 0.9 pips on Eur Usd, usually if you use some competitive broker spread should be during day much lower.

                    I have one account at Pepperstone and during day spread is lower, I guess it is a case with IC markets as well.. because a lot of guys are using it and they are very happy and choosing to subscribe for 6 months....

                    I don't have any recommendation but just to get a good broker...


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                      Nop I can not do that


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                        Why not? History is available on connect forex. Why do you need to hide it?

                        There are quite a lot of trades that close with less than 1pip, so with commission and slippage, they would be losses on many accounts.
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                          I suspect lot size & history may be hidden due to risky martingale type trades?


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                            I think you can easily find his lot size and history in the above link. in comparison to all the Signal Provider, I think this is one of the few or only one whose monthly return is more than the max DD... let hope it continues.


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                              the lot sizes jump up and down like someone on a bungee rope! Whether its to do with R:R per trade is difficult to tell. If the trades today for 7.86 &/or 5.56 lots had hit the 60pip SL then it would take a good while to recover as they are several times higher lotsize than usual. Good performance so far but looks high risk to me.