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    Ok, So its evident your just as thick as a brick or you intentionally trying to mislead people. I have no intention of deeply analyzing your trade history, the result would likely land up with you back at McDonalds flipping burgers. I just looked at the clear output from mfxbook. Which contradicts your comments, thats it..... I tend to believe what myfx is telling me over your explanation.

    Click on MFE and have a look, its shows historically your open DD exceeding -500pips on trades.
    I listed three of those trades previously. Do it, do it now,(needs to be said with an Arnold Accent) go to MFE and hold your mouse pointer over the green dots. Its not hard..
    Look at the last few trades you've done, you went 40 pips over your stated SL. And more than 20 over the 20pip SL several times just in the last week.

    So what does basic logic tell us. That you don't stick to your risk profile. Now you can reply with all kinds of excuses if you like, but nothing changes the basic reality that the information you provided is completely inaccurate and misleading. The fact the year keep denying this shows a clear intention on your part to mislead potential investors...

    So whats are your options:
    Keep trying to BS people, even with the truth available to everyone. (remember just 2 clicks required)
    Just update your risk profile with accurate information. (Nothing wrong with saying in the future you will try and use this risk profile)
    Delete your username and return under another name, and try again.


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      Sorry I just checked what you mean.

      Let's look the same trade in MAE Vs. Trade Outcome In pips 573 Pips -ve and ended up +60 in profit. Now look the same in MAE Vs. Trade Outcome under Profit- -$573 and +$6.03. Now how come +64.4 pips = +6.03 and 573 pips = $573?

      Lets look at the same trade below at closure-

      04.15.2014 10:56 08.28.2014 12:47 GBPAUD Sell 0.01 - 1.74580 1.77779 1.77135 64.4 18.90 135d 1.87

      Basic Mathematics says - 0.01 Lot * 1 pip = .01 so, 0.01 * 573 pips = 57.3 (approximation)

      Sorry but I have used 2 clicks twice with a movement of mouse instead of just 2 clicks as advised. Yes I am thick as brick- I agree but I can use a bit of that. Technology is good but trusting it blindly without logic has it's flaws.

      + I am not trying to BS anyone here and I am not shy to admit the 2 trades which completely went against plan and whose risk I didn't managed. It was a mistake and I admit but even that didn't touched more than 10% of my account. I respect your opinion and won't argue if you say I am good for nothing or thick as brick. Every person has his right of opinion but here you are trying to challenge the integrity which I am not ready to accept. There are traders who hide everything at least appreciate that I am accepting my mistake which is 0.5% of the total trades i did. (2 trades out of 165 in a period of 10 months). If you can't I cannot explain you further. Thanks for your time and attention.
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        Ugh this conversation is a f^cked up as watching a group of ******s try and hump a door nob.

        . No need from tears. You still miss my point I originally made about your stated risk profile, not but your ten cents trades.

        Risk per trade 0.5%-2%, depends upon number of open positions ----- Single trades allowed to run several hundred pips against the entry, so your comment inaccurate.
        Max Open Draw Down 2-3% (Equity Draw Down) -------------------------- As above, same same but different
        Max Open positions- 4-5
        SL (20+ Pips) and TP.(Risk:Reward min 1:1.5 ) ------- Several times this week you over shot this by up to 40 pips in reality, no hard SL

        Anyway this is my last reply so good luck, and I can say without a doubt. Anyone in this group. who has read this post. Is now dumber for doing so....


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          Oops not again, 1 more allegation, below is last week. My last post too.

          Last week.png


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            Result- Sep 8 2015. Ideally I do not want to trade on Monday due to low volatility but there was a lucrative oppurtunity so cannot resist-

            EURUSD- Sold- 1.29403, SL 1.2961 Pips, Target- 1.2910, Reward:Risk= 1.5:1.
            TP hit Result- +30 Pips, 0.56% Profit

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              Well myfxbook link has been deleted, signal deleted. Looks like my trader analysis was spot on again. Thats two for two, this one probably blown, and the other just survived. Maybe I am just bad luck, they seem to take the game changing hit hours or days after I comment on their risk profiles
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                I don't have too much money to blow account . And i reiterate its difficult if not impossible to blow the account with micro lots when you follow or even don not follow proper MM.
                I am moving to an ECN broker with bit higher deposit. You will soon find Myfxbook link here.


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                  Originally posted by madaneeraj View Post
                  I don't have too much money to blow account . And i reiterate its difficult if not impossible to blow the account with micro lots when you follow or even don not follow proper MM.
                  I am moving to an ECN broker with bit higher deposit. You will soon find Myfxbook link here.
                  Well its smells like BS, looks like BS, its normally BS..

                  Even if you were moving to an ECN broker (how did you even find a broker that was not ECN anymore). There is no reason not to leave the old myfxbook connected. History would tell us you withdrew and moved to a new broker. The extended history provided by this old account would only be a benefit to you.. MM? You don't use risk control, that's why I commented on your thread originally, because of what you told potential customers and what you are actually doing. Yet in the style of a truly dishonest person, you deflect the conversation.

                  I really don't see why admin does not analyse the bullshit your regurgitating here, and just flatly ban you when its clear your full of crap.


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                    Account snapshot- I have to host it again on myfxbook and I can host it any number of times I want to so don't worry history is safe. Well nothing much to say here but few things-

                    - I had a STP account Excel Markets , I believe I gave the investor password here on this thread itself. You can open one.
                    - My signal was not for sale, it was on trial. As I have made adjustments to my strategy and there was mix and match I better thought of starting a new account
                    - I don't do trading for living and have a full time job, flipping burgers as you said
                    - If admin could see you would have been blocked by now.

                    Take care and get some life. There are better things in life then criticizing people and fellow traders. There is not 1 of your posts which has written something nice about others.

                    Good bye! I am unsubscribing from this thread as I know you would come up with a new crap.