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  • myLIVEaccount.com

    Dear Forexsignals.com members,

    I'd like to thank Nick & Will for invitation to open my own thread at Forexsignals.com site.
    If you're interested about my forex trading signals, please visit www.myliveaccount.com.

    I trade professionaly since 2011, my full trading record is available since January 2013.
    All my live accounts' history is verified by myfxbook, Investing.com, MT4i.com, ForexVerified.com or ForexPeaceArmy.
    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask.
    You can reach me via e-mail, skype or online website chat.

    Thank you and good luck.

    Milan, myLIVEaccount.com

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    Thanks Milan,

    What happened to your old account? That was going well for such a long time.
    Intensive one-on-one trading mentorships with
    Andrew Lockwood, Mark Bennell or Joel Kruger available now.

    Click here to learn more


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      Almost 9 months completed for MLA SWISSY signal. Thanks to the risk measures that we applied to MLA SWISSY strategy in Jan 2014, we managed to KEEP max. drawdown under 1.90% (with +16.02% growth, see img below).



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        Well the old signal did not go well in the end lost money. Milan is a very honest trader and was doing good for months in a raw. Then it took the down turn that strategy. Now this is a new signal stats look good. I am wathing now only. If swiss detach from euro this may not work any more.Good luck to those who follow. I may also follow the new signal in the future. Cheers Milan good to see you back. nc!


        • #5
          Thanks NC for your post. SNB's peg at 1.2000 makes from EURCHF VERY interesting pair to trade + it creates unique market situation from trader's view. There aren't many advantages in forex market that retails trader could use for his advantage;-)
          Important thing is to have proper risk management here, be patient and don't be greedy.


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            MLA SWISSY update:
            Subscription fees will be increased by +2.06% from Oct 1st, 2014.



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              MLA SWISSY update: I closed my short positions today with mixed results: one loss, one BE and two profits. Overall +0.47% today.
              We might go long soon...
              Stay tuned. Milan



              • #8
                Max. DD: -1.82% since Jan 25th, 2014 when new RISK limitations applied.
                AVG MONTH GROWTH vs. MAX. DD > 1:1



                • #9
                  MLA SWISSY forex signal is provided for a subscription fee updated upon monthly basis. We set the basic price for our signal in May 2014: $99 a month. From the 1st of June, 2014, we update the subscrption fee of MLA SWISSY licence upon the previous month’s performance / % growth.

                  Existing subscribers are locked in to current prices for life – as long as they stay subscribed.