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Fd fund-statistics, explanations and news about the fund

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  • Fd fund-statistics, explanations and news about the fund


    In this thread we will expose the evolution of FD FUND.Everything related to the strategies applied, statistics and everything you should know in order to be as transparent as possible.

    As a brief introducction some details about the strategies, profit targets and the risks involved:

    Using a quantitative approach, the fund uses two types of intraday strategies:

    -1) We look for quick movements of the price between areas of high imbalances between supply and demand.
    -2) The second seeks to take positions contrary to intraday movements in areas with a high concentration of zones of imbalances.

    The operation is applied on the most traded pairs, depending on market conditions.

    All operations are based on risk and maximum drawdown control.

    -We seek returns of 15-20% annually for our standard minimum risk (which is the one you see here).
    -For the minimal standard risk (that of the master account) the drawdown should never exceed 3-5%
    -We never have on the master account a risk per trade higher than 0.2-0.4%.
    -Never more than 2-3 trades simultaneously.
    -Always out on important or critical news events.
    -The master account works 90% of the time without leverage. Sometimes it is less than 1: 1 and in the most extreme case 2: 1.
    -For a more aggressive annual performance investors may increase the risk 2-3 times compared to standard master account risk. Please be careful with your money. Do not exceed 3 times the risk of the master account. Act responsibly. We will attempt to keep the risk controlled as much as possible but remember that financial markets are not a videogame.

    Here equity curve and statistic on myfxbook

    For further questions do not hesitate to contact us...

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    Here you can see our performance and statistics on




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      Here the link for the performance on Darwinex

      Thanks guys...


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        Sorry FD, you can't promote Darwinex here.

        They're the most dishonest broker I've ever dealt with having publicly stolen our intellectual property in the past.

        I wouldn't trust them to take my garbage out....
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