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Forex Swing Traders - Long Term Trading For Longer Term Success

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  • Forex Swing Traders - Long Term Trading For Longer Term Success

    Hello Traders and Investors,

    It has been a while since my last update but here i am back.
    I was really thinking about what to do while i am building my few years of track record. I shut down my FX Protector website because its main purpose was scalping which i am not interested any more at all... Anyway i still feel that i have to do something else with trading beside trading alone in the dark so i have decided to start recording a youtube videos related to trading simply because:

    - I would like to interact with people (i have passion for that), and it is very lonely business
    - I am interested in video producing and exploring multimedia world as well
    - Because i want to share useful content to people and help them
    - Because i want to improve my english and recording videos is very useful way to do that.
    - Because i want to do something more "live" than just actual trading and analysis which is not actually fun
    - Because i would like to build a nice community
    - Because i can

    My real name is Marjan Rijavec and i will be 22 years old in june this year. I got interested about binary options trading with mission to become rich quick, somewhere in early 2013 i don't even remember exactly. After i have lost few hundreds i decided on first of May 2014 to focus 100% on Forex Trading. Through may 2014 and around late summer 2015 i was focused on scalping which i figured out that it doesn't fit to my expectations in life. So i focused on long term trading in early 2016. I am self taught part time trader focusing on long term price action trading. Simple as that!

    I have started trading back with my Swing Trading Strategy on my new account in April 2016 with very tiny risk and small trading account.
    To track my perfromance i have decided to start recording every single trade and put it on youtube so...No BS here... I will not be able to fake anything. Check the video below for more info about that....

    I hope you guys like that and respect my decision and hopefully you will be able to pull something useful from me.
    Again i am doing that just because i have a passion for that and i have an ability to do that. Me and you guys have nothing to lose if i share these kind of videos to you and remember, even if you give profitable strategy to 10 people, only 1 to 2 guys will be able to pull something out of it consistently so it is not about system/strategy it is about attitude. My goal for now is just to offer as best free videos as possible. Nothing fancy right?

    Forex Swing Traders | Long Term Trading For Longer Term Success
    Marjan Rijavec
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    Hello Traders and Investors,

    Here is a quick but powerful trick about moving averages. If you like these kind of videos subscribe for more!
    Admins you could probably move my post into trade discussion topic or something like that right?

    Forex Swing Traders | Long Term Trading For Longer Term Success
    Marjan Rijavec



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      Hello Everyone,

      This 44 second short video could help to a lot of traders right here on forum, because i still believe many many traders want to figure out how viper and the others trade and they somehow figure out and after that they start trading it on small account and sooner or later they blow. So i believe the best think people here on forum should do is to copy these traders from site (viper, smart, kili, stcp....) and if you want to trade by your self as well focus firstly on long term charts trade small and safe. We have all learnt firstly how to walk (long term trading) and after that how to run (intra day trading).

      In video i talk about :
      - What do day trading and swing trading have together if you are trading small trading account
      - Why it is not logical to actively day trade with small account (starting out)
      - Why you are most likely day trading (and there is more factors then just this one)...(more..rich quick, risk appetite, greed, fear, poor knowledge, lack of experience...)
      - What you should focus in order to have balanced life (in trading)

      Trade SMART, not HARD!
      Marjan Rijavec
      Forex Swing Traders
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        Hello guys,

        Advice in this video resolved my problems like :
        - Changing strategy very often
        - Over analysis
        - Watching charts to much
        - Slippage and broker manipulation problems
        - Reduce fear and anxious
        - Checking charts through mobile and driving (wtf)
        - Stress and adrenaline

        Advice in video helped me :
        - To become more social
        - To focus on things i really love
        - To meed new people
        - To become more relaxed and calmed person

        Stress is number one reason for most of the problems and illness. Do everything in your life to reduce stress, i have already done that in trading.

        Best Regards
        Marjan Rijavec
        Forex Swing Traders


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          Hello there!

          Check out 2 minutes short video where i talk about 4 steps why you should trade forex. Nothing fancy, just to refresh
          There is also a free ebook in the description. 3 steps to create perfect trading plan (23 minor steps) and i also explain all of these 23 elements a little bit.

          Hopefully it will help to at least 1 person

          Best Regards
          Marjan Rijavec
          Forex Swing Traders


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            I see and meet a lot of new traders who just want to become a traders, because it sounds cool to trade and be involved in the markets,wauu so good right? But the reality is that most of the traders just don't explore enough about market, trading, psychology, etc...Try new stuff, test, fail, succeed, figure out how things work and why, etc....

            Watching TV, checking social media all day long, reading "poor" books, blaming others, etc... And of course playing Pokemon GO is not the solution as well, actually completely opposite.
            After this video some people will hopefully think about their daily habits.

            You have to decide whether you will become Forex Trader or "Pokemon Master"....

            Forex Swing Traders


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              Hey all

              Just a quick announcement, i will start streaming my regular trading analysis on 1st of August (monday) trough Youtube. Stream will be every working day from monday to friday at 9.30 PM London time. This is just 30 minutes before NewYork Daily candle closes. To figure out when my stream will be online in your timezone check out worldtimebuddy.com. Compare London at 9.30 and your location to get stream time for your region

              What we will cover on stream :
              - Full analysis on H4/D1/W1 (swing trading style)
              - Major/minor pairs (also some assets by your request)
              - Purely Technical trading
              - Price action logical trading
              - Talking about psychology
              - Live trades (placing entries, stop loss, take profits, trade management, etc...)
              - Q&A