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    I made 11 profitable trades with 1 runner. The runner has a Locked in Breakeven and at about 60 pips profit so its an easy sleep tonight.
    Here are the stats for today.
    Today +2.45% (+12.30%) $28.01 (+$152.19) 199.80 (+1553.6) 100% (+38%) 11 (-5)

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      MACROMANPRO Details:

      When ever I have questions in the simpletrader backoffice, I'll sum it up here

      I can trade everything, but normally focus on one pair at a time.

      I would trade within a 30% max drawdown

      The amount of orders doesn't matter to me.

      DD in pips doesn't matter to me. I have Equity Protection at 30%

      I normally trade 0.01 for every $1000 and maybe bigger once I have locked in profit.

      Trades can be open for days, weeks, months, years. Attempt to position build

      Trading style is Macro bias, with technical entries and exits.

      I follow news closely and trade news.

      I do not offer free trials.

      I do not use a Stoploss or takeprofit on my trades. Sometimes I do, when I am scalping and looking for precise entries.

      I adjust my risk per trade depending on the trade setup, floating equity, if there is a stoploss(scalp)
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        Stats are always past performance and do not indicate profits in the future.
        This is not automated trading with set entry, exit. Trading activity is all manual.
        I have Equity Protection of 30%
        My Trading activity will be aggressive until the losses are recovered from the GBP Flash Crash.
        If you are following with 1mil and need to trade within a set drawdown criteria you can adjust your risk accordingly.

        Currently, I trade for myself and I don't have any supervision restricting my activity. If I do in the future, I'll adjust my strategy accordingly.
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          6.1% Gain today with 520 Pips from 44 Trades. I also have a floating equity Gain of 4% and I will continue this style of trading on MACROMANPRO (position building and intraday scalping)

          I've made almost 12% already this week and all losses recovered from the GBP flash crash. The FXopen PAMM has also recovered fully.

          FOMC will take place in 28 minutes. Since I am trading GBPJPY I shouldn't see much action on this pair.
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            MacroManPro Update. 1.2% Gain, 165 pips from 20 trades. Lets see where my Equity is in the morning, currently about 100%

            cTrader platform notes for today: Tradersway cTrader only has Proxy in Frankfurt(130ms) and London(130ms). They have no plans to add a proxy in Asia. Pepperstone and FXpro both have a proxy in Singapore which gives me about 12ms to the proxy. I funded and began trading a ctrader account at Tradersway today but after realizing the proxy is so far away, I'll have better execution pulling the funds and moving to broker P and F.
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              Really nice recovery HedgeBitcoin!


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                1.56% Gain 192 pips from 27 trades. Equity at 105%. . Thanks Drcdp


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                  4% gain today from a lot of scalps and over 500 pips. Big day for me. With 105% equity. Let your winners run.

                  Ill be testing out streaming on youtube tmrw.

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                    This is the current stream - -
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                      Hi Hedge

                      Could you please verify your myfxbook.

                      Track Record Not Verified


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                        HI BRM, Thanks for letting me know. I wish I had a solution. Myfxbook has my investor password and it still doesn't verify. It was verified last week.

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                          0.9% Gain today from 18 scalps, totaling 143 pips and floating equity at 103%
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                            Questions Answered from Simpletrader backoffice:

                            GBP flash crash put my account into 24% peak intra-day drawdown

                            The DD stats on simpletrader and signalstart won't be 100% accurate.

                            I will cut all trades at 30% drawdown. You can use 30% cut off point within the simpletrader setup options.

                            I will probably hedge @100% near 10-15% drawdown to take a Tea Break because at that point, I must be doing something wrong. I'll need to take a break.
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                              Questions Answered from Simpletrader backoffice::

                              I do not offer a Monthly billing cycle @ Simpletrader. It is only available at a 3 month cycle. Why? I can have trades run for weeks, months and hopefully for years. I am a position builder with macro approach, but I am also day trading with scalping strategy while waiting for the market to move. I hope that helps.

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