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    Totally agreed. Saw him condemning people using grid etc but he himself is the joker. 50% DD and he still hanging on his trades. Should NOT allow signal provider to comment on other people thread. They have different agenda, trying to sound nice BUT trying to get biz for their own. His grid is even worse and martingale Never fight with the yen pairs. Yen pair is famous for such crazy run!!!

    Never allow him to go back to Simpletrader. This is the 2nd account he has destroyed already with 1 k n his master BUT he asked for 300 for 3 mths. What is this?


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      Dude, that equity protection ea needs to be reprogrammed or something.

      I know it's not your fault.


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        refund please!


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          Originally posted by Justin View Post
          Dude, that equity protection ea needs to be reprogrammed or something.

          I know it's not your fault.
          what you mean not his fault? He only has his followers' account at max dd cut at 30% but he continues to run his account. This is crazy as the followers sign up to follow his trades and not watch him to try to recover. He may recover in the end but what is the point. It is his fault and lousy trading


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            I dont wanna sound like a smartass and you seem to be a nice guy but the irony was kinda obvious


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              Originally posted by Tripzor View Post

              Hehe. 1200 subscription fee's in 1 day.
              Thanks for the profits

              Keep up the good work.
              Yeah, exactly!

              Was thinking of allocating some capital into this but luckily im sticking to my own 6+ history rules so saved some cash.

              Obviously a trader who doesnt respect his own rules should be banned from these sites. Game over, Hedge Bitcoin.


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                Originally posted by HedgeBitcoin View Post
                Is this feature broken or what? Is this not Equity Protection for the signal? Does it not close the trades for the followers?
                Some may close but if followers joined you before this is 30% function was used then your followers will not get the CUT.

                ALSO, you asked people to sign up for 3 MONTHS. SO now what? Your trades basket still on going while the rest of the followers whose trades are cut ff at 30% got to watch you play your basket OUT and pay for the 3 months subs fee that you imposed? Make sense? NO. Followers paid to watch you trade? NO. Followers want to follow your trades!

                AND you did say hardstop 30% DD. Did you mention that you will NOT cut while other will? You did not state that.

                You need to refund and ST need to delist you .
                Last edited by Pie ; 11-24-2016, 10:54 AM.


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                  Originally posted by dupapa View Post
                  thats not the point hedge,

                  we all know the feature, i personally dont use it per signal i have a max for my account overall,

                  but for your own integrity as a provider, breaking your own predefined rules dont really cut it,

                  you have been pretty heavy analysing others peoples wares, so i feel it is right to point out the fact that you yourself are no better that what alot of the lame providers

                  ive watch you on the sidelines for a while, thought id take a dip as you seemed genuine, but if you cannot see the issue with not keeping your rules, but instead point out a feature, that just shows what you are made up off,

                  Indeed a case of the pot calling the kettle BLACK. His own agenda on commenting on other people thread is to GAIN biz. Complained about people using grid etc and curve looks too nice BUT what about him himself??? NOT GRID? NOT adding into losses? and increase lot size with your YEN pair.

                  The worse thing is, you are a signal provider that always seem so critical about other signal providers and you?


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                    Account deleted from myfxbook now, that last move on usd/gbp.


                    • It would seem that Myfxbook account has been deleted? I guess the attached tells the story. MacroManPro2.JPGMacroManPro3.JPGMacroManPro4.JPGMacroManPro1.JPG


                      • website gone also


                        • It will be interesting to see if gives any refunds, mainly to the 5 subs that joined last week. Poor guys.


                          • Only atheist signals should be allowed on this site. Praying is not a viable strategy.


                            • Nick, can you kindly disable this signal to prevent anyone from signing up. This is the 2nd time, this guy margin call. He usually pretend to be nice and lurk other signal provider threads, condemn grid and other people strategies but his main agenda is to get biz. He is also using GRID and MARITIAGALE.

                              Hi guys, just a note to be careful when other signal provider talk bad about other signal providers. He is such a person. Earning subs fee and $300 per pax. So cunning of him to do that and so many people fall into his trap thinking he is such a nice guy, expert trader of 8 years experience and he end up trading worse than other signal provider


                              • There was also the PAMM account running at FX Open in same state or worse when I last looked.