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    I am the trader behind this signal. I also go by the username freddy250 in the competition currently with forexsignals. The reason i decided to become a trader after following others for a long time was i became frustrated with rules being broken and bad trading. These including over leveraging and adding to losers with no pre defined SL.

    With this signal i guarantee the following or will happily refund the subscription fee.

    1. No adding to losers
    2. Every position has a pre defined s/l that won't be moved (only perhaps to break even if trade goes in the correct direction)
    3. Max draw down per pair is 0.2% ( could be up to 3 entries on the highest conviction trades meaning total risk per pair 0.6% in extreme cases)
    4. If draw down above 3% will stop trading for the day

    If anyone has any questions please ask


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    What are you trading style? breakout etc?


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      I follow fundamental news closely and when price action is heading in the way i think it should i try and join trends. I like strong directional volatility and buying on pullbacks with tight stops.