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    Link to the signal:

    I work only with Real pure ECN account.

    The master account is a U.K. ECN Broker Regulated by U.K. FCA one of the most reliable regulations.

    In my signal you will never see anything as martingale, grid system, scalping (dangerous slippage during volatility), purely technical or anything can compromise or put in danger with a relative high drawdown your account (unless you are copying me with a really high multiple risk factor) simply for the fact i'm not abusing on leverage and most of the time i use 1:1 per single trade and i stay on the market mostly with just one trade per time/analysis and SL always set for each trade.


    This is a manual fundamental strategy based on news data and economical events with entry point and closure on supports and resistences levels created in a volatility condition.
    Most important: Tracking and being aware on fundamental macro-economy impact on market in a short-medium-long term conditions around the world.
    This strategy is purely fundamental and using resistences and supports points for SL and TP levels, every trade has a specific fundamental analysis.

    Suggested minimum account balance: 10000 USD

    For all the stats i suggest you to take a look at my myfxbook:

    It's a big effort for me to trade in fundamental way. It's a full time job.
    I'm willing to share my analysis or answer your questions with a direct contact as skype or telegram.

    For any question you can reply here or talk to me directly on:
    skype: neokissy
    telegram: @neokissy



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    07-07-2017, 01:44 PM

    Today we had a great trading.
    For GBP respectively due to weakness in UK Economy.
    UK reports missed on all fronts with Industrial Production, Manufacturing Production and Trade Balance.
    CAD in a really strong and positive condition on Employment Change and Unemployment Rate despite a mismatch late news on USD, ADP and NFP, making more doubts with a further hike for the end of the year with a slow and uncertain economy growth.
    With Oil stable in the last week, it was just a matter of time before CAD could break the support under 1.2900 with now increased probability for an imminent hike from BoC.
    Feel free to ask me question about my fundamental trading.
    Safety, stability risk factor and a reliable fundamental analysis in professional trading have paramount importance.


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      Technical or Fundamental ?
      I've made a snap tab to explain in IMO (based on my past experience) with specifics various points, which are the factors who makes a fundamental manual trader with awareness and skills in economic and risk factor exposure a good trader in financial matters.
      I want to preface this by saying that the tab is just an approximate prospectus who wants to show some importants differences in trading behavior based on a general recurrents discrepancies between these schools of thought.
      Happy Trading to everyone!
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        Thank you Neoxis,

        I'm not sure what it means to trade fundmentals. Could you give me some examples of how you use fundamentals to choose trades ? ie do you look at the Job numbers / NFP data ?

        Thank You !!
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          Originally posted by gpfwestie View Post
          Thank you Neoxis,

          I was a bit worried that my specifics, for a fundamental difference in trading discrepencies might be losing me money.

          Could you give me details of how my approximate prospectus may follow your schools of thought ?

          Happy Thank You !!
          Hello gpfwstie,

          I don't think i get clear what are you asking me when you say "Could you give me details of how my approximate prospectus may follow your schools of thought ?"
          please be more specific thanks.
          If you want to know the way i trade, as i said i'm a fundamental trader mainly, which means i trade on macro-economy news and in main fundamental factor incurring on the market and try to get value on that by doing a good interpretation on deviation defferences between actual and forecast results and the prospect outlook during key speech by central banks or geopolitical matters (referendum, reforms, election). I think this is the best path to become a professional and reliable trader and to being confident with the market to not be unprepared during such volatility and know how to handle price movements. Obviously all of this requires a lot of studies and practice which i'm still improving but i'm pretty glad about my performance since now.
          Because i think i'm getting really stable lately with a balanced profit factor between avarage loss and profit in terms of pips/earnings, same for the DD if you take a look i'm stable on around 1% DD during the last two month. My trading is not for who pretend to have 100% winning trades all the time or have a big gain every month. It's for who's searching stability,longevity and safety. The outlook gain has be seen on yearly basis.
          I always suggest to anyone to avoid martingale, grid or scalping way to trade cause imo is not the way to get succesful in this hard path we call trading.
          Trading is a serious job and certainly not easy at all. There is no easy way to achieve great results and surely not with these kind of systems.
          I just offer the reality of things i do not sell dreams since i want to be steady whereas others fails.


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            Quick Update:

            Fundamental Trading price has been increased from 59$ to 69$ per month and two weeks trial for 35$.

            This price will remain steady in the long term.

            Best Regards,



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              Suggested multiple risk copy on Fundamental Trading per DrawDown:

              X1= Conservative risk, avarage drawdown 1-2%

              X2-X3= Low-Moderate risk, avarage drawdown 3-6%

              X5= Moderate risk, avarage drawdown 6-12%

              X10= High risk, avarage drawdown 10-25%

              ***These statistics represent the avarage draw down not the absolute who may vary on market condition and are not an absolute certainty***

              I highly recommend to not copy the master account exceeding X10 multipler.


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                I cleared up my comment, I managed to mangle it through google translate. You answered my question anyway, I wasn't sure what Fundamental trading actually meant.


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                  Originally posted by gpfwestie View Post
                  I cleared up my comment, I managed to mangle it through google translate. You answered my question anyway, I wasn't sure what Fundamental trading actually meant.
                  No worries, i understand actually it seems there are not much signals trading in this way on simpletrader. They all mostly doing technical which is pretty common.


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                    Hello everyone,

                    I just want to clarify what is the most important thing that i take in consideration when i trade. DrawDown for me it has to stay steady and under control. More than show high % per month.
                    I can assure you any trader even the newbies are all good to show high %, cause you just need to increase the lot size.
                    On the other hand the real challange is to keep a steady low DD in the long run mantaining also steady growth. I know for little retails is important to get moderate % per month and this is why you don't have to worry about my % on the master account if it's too low for your size account you can use the multiplier to find the best setting about monthly % you are looking for. But please the first thing you should always take in consideration it's the stability of the account and who doesn't use dangerous system who can put in danger your whole account.
                    Meditate on this. I'm a manual fundamental trader and again you will never see vertiginous percentages from me properly because i want to trade steady and professionally in the long term and keep trading regularly whereas others will fails.
                    Just that we are already talking about it, i want you to go to take a look at the avg DD i had in the last 3 weeks on my fundamental trading signal and you'll see that i don't even touch 1% DD.
                    I thought a lot this weekend whether it was necessary to double my lot size and i'll keep think of it but since you can use the multiplier to get a higher % risk factor maybe i will remain like this.
                    Anyway if there is any changing in lot size i will write an update.


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                        August is ending and Fundamental Trading made 5 months profit in a row with extremely low DD as usual.
                        Whether you are interested on copy the signal remember you can ask question through the question form.
                        Remember if you want to earn more you can copy the signal multiplying the risk as much as you want.
                        In the F.A.Q. you will find recommended copy multiple risk factor based on your needs.
                        The Master Account will remain conservative and steady as usual.

                        Quality trading over quantity always!

                        ***This is true manual trading signal based on fundamental analysis.***

                        Myfxbook link:

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                          All the trades are manual and made by fundamental analysis (economic analysis). No technical indicators on past charts. No automatic uncontrolled system who relies on past charts prices.

                          Whether you are looking for reliable and professional trading as institutional trading this is the signal for you.

                          For any info you can contact me here or through skype: neokissy

                          "Quality trading over quantity."
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                            Quick report about what happened in this first september week.
                            Why we got a significant loss?
                            First of all we may begin with a really suspicious movement during the NFP and reletated US data where was uniformarly negative in each aspect, by the way after a first right direction in selling dollars we saw a drastic retrecement and even more below on opposite "buying dollars" direction probably this nfp is being manipulated by some institution to mitigate the loss for US due also for the NK instability. So we got our first moderate loss who followed with some standard tight loss as usual.
                            Then we arrive to CAD movement after a 0.25bp upper than expected on interest rate. So what happened here?
                            What happened was that i sent a short order on usdcad when the price was around 1.23, unfortunately the broker triggered my order pretty slowly kept me in queue for around 3-4 seconds which is the first time happening since the inception of the account. the price was already arrived under 1.22
                            and i got my order placed with a huge delay at 1.2137 where the spike ended and when it was placed the price was already back to 1.22.
                            i took time to think whereas was wise to keep the position or not since was already reached a loss of 60-70 pips just after entered on market. I'm convinced that for many factors CAD will continues his short rally against USD re-touching the minimum price again and goes testing 1.20 possibly.
                            What was the mistake then? Surely lack in liquidity by the broker who took the order too long for put in place and you also got the worst price for this movement.
                            Any precaution next time for such a big event news?
                            Yes, for particular news with huge impact i decided to redimensionate my lot size and reduce it to 0.01 or 0.02 max during this events without partial management.
                            But i will consider very carefully news by news whether is better to change temporary the lot size.
                            Saying that, everything went as usual and i took the right direction as usual considering the news data releases, what went wrong was a lack on liquidity by the LP providers or broker execution who obviously brought a substancial loss. Anyway nothing we cannot restore with the time and patience.
                            So i decided to cut the loss and restart from the next events.
                            By the way i'm also glad to keep not pushing on leverage so when unexpected slippage may occur we are not putting in serious danger our accounts (unless you are copying me with huge risk multiplier) for this fact i suggest you to not over push your multiplier and remain strict on x3 max on my personal opinion properly for the slippage may occur during rare news case.


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                              Please stop re-selling SFE Price Action and pretend it's your own system!

                              Several people have reported to me that you have been sending PMs to them and trying to sell this system as your own when it is a just copy of SFE Price Action!

                              Nick, I have reported this issue to your team several weeks ago and nothing has been done about it. Please ban this clown or at least remove this signal, otherwise you are losing credibility as the website owner. Thanks!