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      BRM, Yes its definitely something I need to get around to, I dont thinks its to hard, or I think I will just remove the 6 month option, im just a bit worried I might break the system as when I initially offered this signal simpletrader needs PayPal to be a business account and some API gateway key thing was a bit of a nightmare to set up,

      Westie, you should be in decent profit so I recommend you close out, the aud cad.

      PontusLSE, ah yes I saw that come though yesterday, thank you, the issue is PayPal, simpletrader and this forum dont really integrate very well so I really have no idea who is who, unless its very obvious, also thats a great entry for the aud cad, I suggest the same to you as Westie, close out with profit take your money and run!, while the technicals indicate a reversal in our favorable direction, we have been hammered constantly with data in the other direction for over a month now.


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          Hi Westie,

          Glad to hear you were able to close out with decent profit, as you can see from recent price we are now back again well below our latest entry.

          Not a problem at all with the 6 month sub, yes indeed it was a good deal! its ok as I only have about 3 people on that plan, as most people are on monthly or 3 months. Ive also already removed that 6 month option from simpletrader, but as stated earlier your sub will be fine and honored unless you cancel.

          Yes the managed account would have been a better option, as you need to take into consideration for the signal price, + vps + you need to make some profit,

          I will eventually get around to looking at a managed account in europe with a broker.


          Anyway, strategy update for everyone, the usd cad positions are a partial hedge for tonight's boc announcement, so regardless of the data we should book pips in any direction, however the main goal here is still to exit the aud cad at break even, we have been so unlucky over the last month with news pounding us constantly into the ground.

          The aud nzd as you can see we have been able to book some very nice pips, I changed my bias to long on the hourly, as I was trying to pick the bottom however so far a little unsuccessful, its currently showing signs of a pull back and if price reaches 1.1 I will close out either by scaling or averaging, but then go short again.

          The exposure on the usd cad and aud nzd is minimal so I dont foresee any issues currently.

          ADP wont move the market as much, so I dont see this as a threat to our accounts, several years ago ADP and NFP really moved the markets, but now as their more participants liquidity is comparably better with less wild swings.

          On a positive note December gross profit has been great so far with 1.01% gain on the master and 1.58% in the MAM and we still have about 3 weeks to go.

          I am contemplating If I can achieve a 4%+ return for this month with dd lesser I may close the aud cad with a loss, so basically attempt to break even, for the people who dont have the aud cad open you will be fine and still retain the profits. I considered doing this last month however I had several people join near the end of last month so I didnt want to damage their accounts, as stated in one of my earlier post we were able to achieve a NET equity return of 2.55% on the master for November, hence still carrying this dd.

          Best Regards,

          Satang FX / minkw

          edit: aud nzd almost out, timing was a bit off

          edit again, I have closed off the 3 usd cad potions in profit and will continue short the usd cad in order to hedge against the aud cad basket during news
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            oh and also another update, for people who dont have the aud cad open, you will be trading with me short on the usd cad, dont worry exposure is minimal and should be out on pull back.

            edit Ive also closed off the earliest aud cad potion for a loss, just reducing risk I have also added another buy, for the people who do have the aud cad basket, should in theory still be in profit so far for this month
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              Hi All,

              Update, I know I am reaching the 5% dd mark and this is annoying. I currently have a floating dd of just under -40k across all my accounts, being the master and other personal accounts, this does not include the MAM.

              As you can see I have not endured this amount of dd over an extended period of time since inception of this signal.

              I have activated a hard stop loss/close all trades on the aud cad if max dd on the overall account reaches 6%,

              Please note this does not affect the other pairs, but if the other pairs push he master to 6% dd the aud cad will be closed with a loss,

              Also I cannot predict when this will happen as I know some people wanted advance notice, as this may happen when I am sleeping, I did advise previously I would cut the aud cad basket manually when it reached 5-6% however now that we are literally 5% dd, I want to make sure I guarantee to what I have stated to everyone, while I might be awake when this happens and then yes I can post and email people who wanted advanced notice, yet if I am asleep this will be automatically executed on my EA,

              Ive decided if the above scenario happens, and I am not able to break even on the master for December I will issue a months refund/payment to the value of your monthly subscription, so for the people who are on monthly thats simple, and for the people who are on 3 months at 180, the value will be 60, and per the people on 6 months that will be 50.

              I would generally let this push out to 10-20% however my responsibilities have changed and I need to protect your accounts,

              Please let me know if you have any questions,

              Best Regards,

              Satang FX / minkw


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                God morning minkw!

                6.5% DD according to myfxbook and the audcad trades are still open. You mentioned that they where going to be closed automatically att 6%dd. I just want to make sure that everything works as expected?

                I myself was lucky enough to close out the audcad trades at a profit, but the other trades are also starting to build up a uncomfortable DD:

                What is your view on the market for the upcoming days?


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                  It's not 6.5% yet, your looking at the past DD.


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                    muskokaman, yes thats correct as per the master.

                    Hi PontusLSE,

                    The automatic close is based on the entire account master, and includes all open positions, when I stated 6% this is based on the master, when you advised 6.5% perhaps you were observing the mam, or your personal account, the mam yes that has pushed beyond 6% however the mam is running at 1.5 x risk.

                    For my ea to force a close on the aud cad this means equity needs to be at 94%,

                    To be honest this dd keeps me awake at night, and yes I am stressing out a bit, I am aware that you have encountered dd in your trail period, and yes i saw your paypal payment come though today. I will issue a months refund/payment to the value of your monthly subscription(180/3 = 60), on the basis, I cut at 6%, in my previous post.

                    The strategy as described yes "adds to losers" and averages in and out, and while some people think this is a dangerous game it must be take into perspective, the deadly/stupid scenario and the structured scenario.

                    The deadly scenario is whereby people add into the losing position until they blow up,

                    The structured scenario is whereby I understand risk and leverage, and know when the cut the losing trades with minimal loss, take time to regroup then re enter the market, also you may notice my lot sizes are small that in most cases allow large swings without sustaining too much damage to my account, at the moment I am leveraged about 1:5, being for my risk appetite just over the comfortable area.

                    I have seen many traders blow up accounts with averaging, and this is why I have employed a hard stop loss at 6% based on the total account as the aud cad this is producing the most exposure.

                    The aud nzd, as you can see in a post on the forums I was going to go short at 1.1 you can check the date of the post and timing on the charts, however I thought I could squeeze and extra 10 pips on the up side, I should have stuck with the short as advised on the forums but this was a mistake, for this I apologise.

                    The usd cad was a hedge against the aud cad for the data on Wednesday night, while it initially worked in my favour the usd rally continues thus rendering the hedge currently useless.

                    Moving forward I will continue to hold all baskets being the aud cad, usd cad and aud nzd,

                    In most cases this strategy works about 75% of the time however in this instance all pairs are currently working against us, Yes this is very annoying and I can understand your frustration, so this i am very sorry,

                    I have about 800k persoanlly on the line and trade fulltime, I dont want to sugar coat anything so yes this dd is emotionally affecting me, im not the type of trader that puts up a wall when in dd and ignores everyone.

                    I hope you can understand,

                    Kind Regards,


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                      Thank you for the answer, I was looking at the MAM and had missed the fact that it was 1.5x risk.

                      I trust you and your strategy, I was only a bit worried that something was wrong as I believed that we where above the 6% limit and no trades where closed.

                      The fact that you have so much of your personal funds invested in this was one of the main things that made me invest in your strategy. I have suffered to many losses where the trades has no "skin in the game".

                      Keep to your plan and good luck to us all.


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                        Great post minkw, thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.


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                          Hi PontusLSE and Westie,

                          Thanks for your reply, yes I have quite a lot of "skin in the game" hence the hard stop at 6%, while others may push the envelope I am not able to endure as much risk,

                          Westie, I also saw your paypal come though tonight on the 6 month, and as advised if we end up cutting the aud cad and not able to break even for this month on the master I will refund/send payment of $50 for you, even though you dont have the aud cad positions, I will stick to my word.

                          Some people may wonder why why a provider might issue refunds/payments when in dd/no performance, the point being is the revenue from the subs is minimal, I only right now have 17 active users and 15 connected right now, so its not much of an issue,

                          I tend to vomit my feelings online, and yes I know its not the best if I do this, as it does not show professionalism, however I feel its better to always keep people updated, same as that Joe Pro guy(without the vomit comment)

                          Providers tend to disappear when in DD, however I am totally the opposite,

                          Best Regards,


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                            Originally posted by minkw View Post
                            muskokaman, yes thats correct as per the master.

                            Hi PontusLSE,

                            The automatic close is based on the entire account master, and includes all open positions, when I stated 6% this is based on the master, when you advised 6.5% perhaps you were observing the mam, or your personal account, the mam yes that has pushed beyond 6% however the mam is running at 1.5 x risk.

                            All open positions will be closed, on all the pairs, or just the AUDCAD?


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                              Just aud cad at the moment


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                                Hey Minkw,
                                Hoped for stronger CAD as well, especially after the employment figures but we are just flirting with the 200 EMA again with shit x-mas liquidity and FOMC tomorrow...
                                Just keep doing what you were doing all the time. It wont be the first nor last stoploss that you might take. Its part of this game as you know well too. Cant have it always right. Thats perfectly normal.