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  • Fxmastermind

    Hi guys,

    love following everyone's post. Well most of it except spam of course. Even the banter on steadycapture and let's fight is quite entertaining. Now for more serious matters.

    fxmastermind has about 23 subscribers and is ranked one. Aims to make 10 to 50 percent returns according to his statement. There is a small disclaimer which states any high risk trades involving higher than 0.3 lots will be excluded. Thus he will disable his copier so subs will not receive those trades. However, this disclaimer isn't very clear in my opinion and easy to miss.

    Upon checking his results, according to st he has made 30 percent gains for this month. Unfortunately subscribers will have gained less since we do not receive the high risk trades. There is no way to get the real stats so I had to manually add up all the trades and exclude any trades higher than 0.3 lots.

    For this month april, subscribers only gained approx 3 percent. How on earth will he achieve 10 to 50 percent gains per month when he makes considerably less?

    It seems quite strange the signal provider will do this. It's not really ethical in my opinion as subscribers should get all the trades the signal provider is trading for the signal we pay for. Otherwise it is false advertising. The stats are falsely represented if we subs do not receive all trades. Thus it is not fair for other providers as well. How is he still ranked number one? What is going on? Feels like smoke and mirrors.
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    Originally posted by daileycon
    There was a discussion in the Traders Activity Feed about the results being fake and asking for an answer from Admins but I never saw one. Curious to see what response you get here.
    How do you access traders activity feed?

    I did contact admin and they are trying to resolve it now. I guess the only two options are to remove it from the ranks or enforce signal provider to allow all of his trades to be copied.

    When i spoke to signal provider he doesn't seem too keen on letting us copy his high risk trades. Smells fishy =/


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      I don't understand how the signal provider can turn his signal off everytime he does high risk trades and turn it back on again. This requires lot of multi tasking...


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        Just did some further calculations it turns out in dec 2017 when fxmastermind gained 87.63 % if you exclude his high risk trades then we would have lost -4.86% !! Also in feb and march 2018 where he gained 8 and 13 percent respectively, we only gained 2 percent! This is nonsense. Signal provider shouldn't provide false hope of achieving 10 to 50 % when clearly he finds it hard reaching 5%...