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  • Eur/usd

    Trade with the right trading signals and market Update and watch your account grow tremendously. write Mrs Elisabetha on her personal email : ( elisabethaaugustus @ gmail . com )
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    There are so many similar messages here - only names change. I wonder if it can really help - or is it another way to lure money out of trustworthy traders...


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      I don't know why there are still people that make this kind of ads and there are still going to be some others that will believe in it. If you want to advertise that you need to advertise the right way on this website. We are not sure of what you have to offer is even true. This is forex and as we know there are always a lot of scammers. we can therefore not be sure of you want to scam us or not. We also need a link to a website that is registered and a physical location. Then again to those reading this it's best if you take your own forex journey rather than relying on somebody else to to take it for you. I am my own trader and things have worked out well for me.